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Corporate Genius: Md. Arifur Rahman

Corporate Genius - Md. Arifur Rahman - The InCAP

Md. Arifur Rahman
Head of Finance
Hemas Consumer Brands (Pvt.) Ltd

Let us introduce Md. Arifur Rahman, Head of Finance at Hemas Consumer Brands Pvt Ltd. He has over 16 years of experience in all-around accounts & finance comprising Budget Preparation & Control, Fund Management, Banking Communication, Stakeholder Management, Vat, Tax, Project/Business Evaluations & Strategic Business Planning, Positioning & Development in a sustainable & scalable way. But the path was not easy!

Let’s learn his exquisite journey:

The InCAP: Md. Arifur Rahman, please share your career summary.

Md. Arifur Rahman: I am currently working in a reputed multinational company named ‘Hemas Consumer Brands Pvt. Ltd.’ (manufacturer of popular brands “Kumarica”) as a Head of Finance. I have worked for three different MNC incl. Hemas. I am really enjoying my current role in a perfect work environment & excellent leadership team working in Hemas Consumer Brands Pvt. Ltd.

After completing an Honors degree in Accounting, I started my career. After that, I completed a Master’s in accounting, PGDTM, ITP, Diploma in Entrepreneurship, and many more courses from home & abroad. As a result, I have membership from 3 professional accounting bodies i.e., The Institute of Certified General Accountants (ICGAB), the Institute of Public Accountants (Australia), and the Institute of Financial Accountants (UK). Also, a life member of the Bangladesh Accounting Association, Dhaka Taxes Bar Association, etc.

Readers want to know the details of Accounts & Finance Professionals & the functional activities to achieve the strategic business goal of an organization to ensure sustainable growth directly from you.

Shortly, a finance professional can show the right pathway to achieve organizational goals effectively. Financial professionals generally oversee the financial health of an organization and help ensure its continued viability. They supervise important functions, such as monitoring cash flow, determining profitability, managing expenses, budgetary control, cost-saving initiative, and producing accurate financial information.

It is said that managing VAT-related tasks is quite difficult. On this ground, what practices do you prefer to manage the VAT system for large companies?

There is no alternative to upgrading your knowledge with the latest changes in taxation laws. A skilled professional can successfully manage VAT management systems in any company. Regular knowledge sharing through training & reading can help to gain proper knowledge to comply with laws effectively, which will be good savings for the organization. 

Mr. Rahman, you have taken an awesome initiative as a founder & Chairman of ‘Corporate Academy for Professional Excellence’, which is working to develop professionals in Bangladesh. Please tell us something regarding your initiative and objective.

It was my dream to work for the development of professionals and create a platform where professionals/learners can get the opportunity to learn from the regulator & successful professionals. I am so happy that Prominent NBR officials and industry experts regularly share their wisdom & expertise with the Corporate Academy members to transform them into more value-adding resources for any organization. NBR officials and corporate leaders praised our initiative as it is helpful for the improvement of quality compliance and building tax awareness for a tax-friendly environment.

Corporate Academy regularly organizes VAT, Income tax, customs & other professional development training, seminars, meet-ups, etc. So far, 2500 people have taken training from Corporate Academy, and currently, 100 participants are doing a ‘Post graduate diploma in VAT, Income tax & Customs Management’ (PGD-VICM) course, which is accredited by the International professional accreditation council (IPAC), Singapore.

To what extent does your motivation help you to thrive in your career?

My first motivation was my father, who was a Govt. College teacher. After that, I worked with a boss for around 12 years, where I gained a lot of technical skills. And finally, I am very thankful for Chennai-based ex. Vice President-Finance of Cavinkare for the trust & faith in me for selecting me for the leadership role and allowing me to work in a challenging environment with a lot of scope for new learnings.

I was highly motivated by a Facebook status of him for a book review named “Die Empty”. The book’s main objective is to narrate, “Do not go to your grave and carry inside you the best that you have. always choose to die empty”. The TRUE meaning of this expression is to die empty of all the goodness that is within you. Deliver it to the world before you leave.

What advice would you give to future candidates who are interested in making their career in the Financial department?

The finance department plays a very vital role in any organization. To develop a career in this area, future candidates are requested to acquire proper academic & professional qualifications. Also, get related training to increase the right skills like SAP, business communication, Income tax, VAT, Customs, excel, financial modeling, etc. Hard work and Dedication can help to reach one’s career objective.

Mr. Rahman, please say something to our readers.

I believe, like our parents, we also have a responsibility to the organization where we work and earn for our lives. So, we should develop our skills to become more efficient & learn resources to add value to our organization and can lead to achieving organizational goals. Also, we should be respectful of our freedom fighters’ contribution to the nation and be aware of our responsibility for Bangladesh’s development. 

Skill Set:

  • Hard Skills

Reply: Proper accounting skills, financial reporting, IFRS, Income Tax & VAT management knowledge, sound SAP/ERP knowledge, Excel & Power BI, Financial analysis, decision-making skill

  • Soft Skills

Leadership, Dedication, adaptability, Business-centric, ownership, moral ethics, positive attitude.

Prayer For the Human Civilization

My prayer is for a war-free world where together we can overcome the present alarming economic situation successfully.

The InCAP: Your interview will be instructive and inspiring for people. Thank you!

Md. Arifur Rahman: Many many thanks to The InCAP for reaching out to me.


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