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Dad with Delighted Daughter

Dad with Delighted Daughter

Dad with Delighted Daughter
Abdus Salam Murshedy, MP
Barrister Shehrin Salam Oishee

When it comes to living a successful life, everyone seems to want a piece of it. Nobody wants to live a mediocre life, and everyone wants to be successful. But, unfortunately, those who have truly accomplished remarkable results in life are rare. And this is what makes being successful something even more precious.

If you want to be successful, no matter whether it is in your career, in your business, investment, financial, spiritual, or as a family member, you must first decide that you want it.

People are always looking for the impulse in real life to encourage our thought process and seek inspiration from ingenious individuals. Almost every day, we cross paths with many individuals, but we find inspiration from only a few of them. From a corporate point of view, stories and experiences of a consistently progressive career journey invoke profound respect and separate one from the crowd. Expert opinions and research reveal that such inspirational stories positively impact our professional psyche, which in turn help us become more enthusiastic, modest, and steady performers.

This time the cover story has been shaped by two individuals from Bangladesh who are considered as inspirations to thousands of hearts. They are father and daughter in relation; they are genius and humble in nature. We would like to introduce you to Barrister Shehrin Salam Oishee, a young, talented, successful, and well-known figure in the corporate world of Bangladesh who is marked with exceptional achievements; and her father, the living legend Mr. Abdus Salam Murshedy. They are the glorious envoy of Envoy Group. 

We believe that their valuable narratives in the shape of the interview will be of great benefit to you. Happy Reading!

Explore all parts of the July-August ’21 issue – Cover Story:

  1. Interview with The Legend: Abdus Salam Murshedy
  2. Exclusive Interview with Barrister Shehrin Salam Oishee


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