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Fashion & Profession: Nigar Parvin Khan


Career Synopsis: Marketing & Sales executive with three years of experience in brand management, consumer loyalty program development, and development of associates. Strength in working with a diverse group to achieve company objectives. Ability to work comfortably at multiple organizational levels. Analytical strategic planner and presenter. Goal and detailed oriented, high energy, and integrity committed also focused as a team leader.

Life Lived: 6.30 AM – Wake up, brush teeth, and shower, 7 AM – Breakfast, 7.30 AM – Gardening & get ready for office, 8 AM – Leave the house for office, 9 AM – Arrive at the office, 6 PM – Leave the office, 8 PM – Play with my Son. Have my dinner with Family. Then watch the news for 20 Minutes. Then go to sleep. In Holiday I hang out with my family.

Passion: Being true & confident about my decision/suggestion.

Most Preferred Clothing Costume: 3/2 Pcs, Jeans with Tops, Formal.

Habit and Hobby: Listening song, Travelling.

Favorite Brands: (Clothing- Sailor, Watch- Rado, Sunglass-Gucci, Perfume- Miss Dior & Chanel, Phone- Samsung)

Favorite Author: Jane Austen, Janet Dailey.

Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice, The secret of the old Clock.

Favorite Holiday Place: Sajek valley, Saint Martin, Maldives.

Favorite Dish: Thai soup, Sushi, Any type of Green Salad.

My Motivation: “Nothing will work unless you do.”

I’m in three words: Flash! The speed with Accuracy.

Childhood Dream (want to be at childhood): Barrister.

The Three Things That I Cannot Live Without: Family, Outing & Money.

Prayers for the Human Civilization: Safe world for Women & Child, Religious Peace.

Nigar Parvin Khan
Senior Executive Sales & Marketing

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