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Future Corporate Leader: Syed Faizanul Hussaini

Syed Faizanul Hussaini
Associate – Talent Acquisition
Confidence Group

Syed Faizanul Hussaini, an emerging leader in corporate talent acquisition, serves as an Associate at Confidence Group. Renowned for his strategic acumen and innovative approach, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future workforce, ensuring a blend of expertise and dynamism that drives sustained growth and success.

Let’s learn about his journey.

Mr Syed Faizanul Hussaini, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

My professional journey began with my education at the Indian International School, followed by my time at the European Standard School. With a solid foundation in a business-oriented curriculum during my O’levels & A’levels, I discovered a passion for Human Resource Management. This led me to pursue a degree at Independent University, in Bangladesh, where I specialized in HRM. Following graduation, I embarked on an internship journey at Confidence Group, where I had the privilege of learning under the guidance of Mr. Moinul Haque Sabbir, delving deep into the realms of Talent Acquisition and HR practices. Impressed by my dedication and performance, I was offered a full-time position within the Talent Acquisition department, where I continue to thrive and grow professionally.

What strategies do you employ to attract and retain skilled professionals in a competitive market, particularly within the industry sectors Confidence Group operates?

In the context of Confidence Infrastructure PLC & Confidence Batteries Limited, two prominent entities within Confidence Group, our focus within the Talent Acquisition department primarily revolves around sourcing individuals with a strong engineering academic background who are willing to work within the country. Our approach to attracting and retaining skilled professionals in this competitive market is multifaceted.

Firstly, we prioritize building a compelling employer brand that showcases the unique opportunities, culture, and values inherent within Confidence Group. Central to our ethos are our five core values: Leadership, Respect, Cooperation, Integrity, and Innovation.

Secondly, we place significant emphasis on creating a positive candidate and employee experience at every stage of their journey with us. This involves optimizing our recruitment processes for efficiency and transparency, while also implementing comprehensive onboarding and training initiatives to facilitate the seamless integration and growth of new team members.

Lastly, we strive to cultivate a culture of continuous feedback and recognition, where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to excel in their roles. This includes implementing robust performance management systems to facilitate regular feedback and development discussions, alongside initiatives to acknowledge and reward achievements and contributions appropriately.

By harmonizing these strategies, our aim is not only to attract top talent to Confidence Group but also to nurture an environment where employees are motivated to thrive and advance their careers with us in the long term.

Can you share a successful recruitment campaign or talent acquisition initiative you’ve led at Confidence Group that resulted in impactful hires and organizational growth?

We often participate and contribute in different ways of campaigns to attract top talents for our company. The most general and easy way to attract young minds are participate in job fairs in top-rated universities. I have led quite a few job fairs to collect and attract young individuals who can impact our organization positively. Secondly, we have recently launched channels such as employee referral programs which has benefitted the company greatly as employees can explore and pursue different kinds of roles by their preference if they fit for it.

As a result of our efforts, we successfully attracted a pool of highly qualified candidates who demonstrated a strong alignment with Confidence Group’s values and vision. Through rigorous evaluation and selection, we identified and onboarded top talent to fill critical roles within Confidence Infrastructure PLC and Confidence Batteries Limited.

The impact of this recruitment campaign was profound, contributing to the enhancement of our organizational capabilities, the acceleration of key projects, and the overall growth and success of Confidence Group. Moreover, the successful integration of new hires into our teams further strengthened our culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. This initiative stands as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic talent acquisition in driving organizational success and fostering sustainable growth.

How does Confidence Group prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in its hiring practices, and what role do you play in promoting a diverse workforce?

At Confidence Group, we’ve always cherished the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Whether it’s our Human Resource Department or any individual from another department, everyone’s ideas are valued and treated equally, no matter their gender. We believe in turning words into action, making real changes within our organization and beyond.

In our Talent Acquisition team, we’re dedicated to making sure everyone gets a fair shot in our hiring processes. We’re careful with our job descriptions, making sure they don’t accidentally discourage candidates from diverse backgrounds. We want our job ads to attract a wide range of talented people.

We’re big believers in the power of mentorship and sponsorship. We think they’re essential for helping all our team members, especially those who might feel underrepresented, to grow in their careers. By creating opportunities for people to mentor and support each other, we’re building a culture of encouragement and empowerment at Confidence Group.

As someone in the Talent Acquisition department, I’m right in the middle of making sure we have a diverse team. I’m passionate about pushing DEI initiatives in our recruitment processes, making sure we hire and keep people from all walks of life. I’m always advocating for fair hiring practices and reaching out to a wide range of candidates. Together, we’re making Confidence Group a place where everyone feels included and valued.

What motivates you to excel in your role, and how do you stay inspired amidst the evolving dynamics of talent acquisition?

In the business world, HR is like the backbone, holding everything together. Their work can either propel a company to success or hold it back. By carefully balancing the needs of both the business and its employees, HR ensures that the right people are brought on board, a vibrant workplace culture is cultivated, and effective strategies are implemented to boost performance.

The demand for HR professionals is on the rise, with job opportunities expected to increase significantly. This means there’s a need for HR individuals with the right skills. The demand for HR professionals is growing, with job opportunities expected to increase by 6% by 2029. This means companies need to find HR individuals with the right skills. Admittedly, the role of talent acquisition can sometimes feel routine, but my department head has always encouraged me to explore different areas within the company. From delving into Organization Development to diving into Employee Engagement and Operational tasks, this diversity and freedom have kept me motivated and invested in our company’s success.

Furthermore, I find inspiration in the diverse perspectives and experiences of the individuals I encounter during the recruitment process. Each interaction is a chance to learn and grow, adding depth and meaning to my work. Ultimately, my drive to make a positive impact and my dedication to continuous growth motivate me to excel in talent acquisition, even in the face of evolving challenges.

Is there a mentor or role model who has significantly impacted your professional journey, and what lessons have you learned from their guidance?

Yes, there’s a mentor who has deeply influenced my professional journey. He’s my first manager, Mr. Moinul Haque Sabbir, who now lives in the United Kingdom with his family. Even though I was under his guidance for only 6 months, I learned a lot from him. From screening CVs to conducting interviews and onboarding processes, he taught me everything I know. Companies themselves don’t enhance your abilities or advance your position. It’s the individuals within those companies who make those things happen. The individuals who can make the biggest difference in your career are those who actively support and guide you, usually because they see potential in you to contribute to their own objectives. Simply being assigned or choosing someone as a mentor doesn’t matter if they aren’t genuinely interested in assisting you. These individuals are extremely valuable, and if they move to another company, they often go out of their way to help you secure a position there because they have confidence in your abilities. One of the most important lessons I learned from Sabbir Bhai is about resilience. Despite facing many challenges in his own career, he always persisted with determination and grace. Watching him handle tough situations with resilience taught me the importance of staying strong during hard times and never giving up on my goals.

Mr. Syed Faizanul Hussaini, please say something to the readers!

Hello, readers! As you navigate your professional journey, remember that every single day is a chance to grow and learn. I truly believe that one of the most crucial things we can do is find and nurture talented individuals. Ultimately, it’s people, not just plans or strategies, that make all the difference. And here’s a thought: part of being a good person is empowering others to succeed. Treat them so well that they want to stay, not because they have to. When it comes to managing yourself, think logically; but when it’s about others, lead with empathy and compassion. Just like precious resources, great people aren’t always easy to find. You might have to dig a bit deeper to uncover them. So, stay determined and keep searching. Remember, your dreams are worth pursuing. Here’s to wishing you the very best in all your endeavors!

Quick Chat with Syed Faizanul Hussaini

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
I’ve always had a desire to pursue writing, particularly about my cultural background and ancestry. Seeing a few of my articles published on this topic is something I consider to be a significant accomplishment.

The greatest philosopher in your view:
I really love reading quotes and life teachings which were written by Ali Ibne Abi Talib. His writings often illuminate the deeper aspects of life and instill a sense of patience within you.

Name the most influential books you have read:
i. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
ii. Kite Runner by Khaled Hossaini
ii. Peak of Eloquence by Sharif Radhi

You in only three words:
Driven, People’s Person, Adaptable

The InCAP: Thank you, Mr. Syed Faizanul Hussaini! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Mr. Syed Faizanul Hussaini: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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