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Global Business Masterminds | July 2024 | Editor’s Lens

Dear Esteemed Readers,

The July 2024 issue of The InCAP magazine has arrived, and it is set to be a beacon of inspiration for purpose-driven leaders around the globe. This issue is a landmark in our ongoing global campaign, Branding Positivity – Branding Professionals (BPBP), and it promises to captivate readers with its focus on visionary leadership and the transformative power of positive branding.

Spotlight on Visionary Leaders

Our cover story, Global Business Masterminds, shines a star-studded spotlight on six exceptional leaders who are redefining the future of business with their unwavering commitment to positive branding:

  • Peter Berry, Managing Director, Peter Berry Consultancy
  • Patricia Vasconcelos, CEO, CaetanoBus
  • David Thörewik, CEO, Eton Shirts
  • Giny Boer, CEO, C&A Europe
  • Ivan Vanis, CEO, Tasman Logistics Services
  • Holly O’Neill, President, Retail Banking, Bank of America

These leaders embody the essence of the BPBP campaign, showcasing how purpose-driven branding can be a powerful catalyst for positive change in the business world.

The Power of Positive Branding

At the heart of this issue is the belief that businesses can be forces for good. The stories of these six leaders highlight the transformative impact of positive branding on their companies and the wider world. From innovative consultancy practices to sustainable transportation solutions, from ethical fashion to strategic logistics, and inclusive banking – these leaders are setting new standards in their respective industries.

A Global Reach

This month, The InCAP is proud to extend its commitment to a global audience. The digital version of the July 2024 issue is now accessible worldwide, ensuring that readers from Bangladesh to the USA, UK, India, Canada, and Singapore can delve into the captivating world of branding positivity. No matter where you are, you can be part of this global movement.

Join the BPBP Movement

The July 2024 issue of The InCAP is more than just a magazine; it’s a call to action. We urge branding professionals everywhere to harness the power of positivity and shape a future where brands are agents of positive change. By embracing the principles of the BPBP campaign, we can collectively rewrite the narrative of global business.

By focusing on positive branding and featuring transformative leaders, The InCAP magazine’s July 2024 issue aims to inspire and mobilize a global audience. Dive into the stories of these business masterminds and discover how you can contribute to a future where businesses are champions of positive change.

Happy Reading!

Nasrin Nahar Jeneva

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