Is It The Eve of British Exit?

There is a lot of noise in the air about British Exit from the European Union. Where is Brexit really go? Some experts think it’s nothing but a time increment fact, and others assume that the situation is going forward to an unconditional separation.

After the meeting held between the UK Prime Minister, Theresa Mary May, and the opposition parties regarding the resolve of the current situation of “Brexit”, now there has been lengthy discussions about two possibilities; would they rather increase the time period before the separation to create chances for a more suitable solution or to go on with the schedule on 29th March for a No-deal Brexit!

Moreover, after trying long for more than two and a half years, finally, in November last year, Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to a deal with European Union (EU). Nonetheless, this year on 15th January, the British Parliament rejected the agreement which led to a deadlock situation for the Brexit. After having merely saved two-times in the “Yes-Vote“, the Prime Minister held a separate discussion with the members against the deal to come up with a solution to this ‘Brexit Crisis’.

In the meeting, Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru and the leaders of Green Party have urged to the Prime Minister to increase the time limit for the separation. These Parties have voiced in together for a public revote for Brexit. They said it is impossible to look for a resolution regarding Brexit before 29th March. Otherwise, withdrawal from EU without a deal could mean disaster for the country.

On the other hand, opposition party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn stood his ground and refused to go for a negotiation with the PM. He gave the condition to reject any chances for going on with No-deal Brexit. Even in the Parliament, majority lawmakers were against a No-deal Brexit.
However, on 17th January, the statement issued from the Prime Minister’s Office stated that ‘The Prime Minister is still keeping the idea of No-deal Brexit in her mind. She sees no reason to stay in EU’s Customs Union or to go for a revote.

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Whereas, on a letter sent to Jeremy Corbyn she said that ‘As per as the contract with EU regarding Brexit discussions, they cannot remain unseen the possibility of going for a No-Deal Brexit. Because the contract states that, ‘In case of failure in striking a deal, Brexit will still initiate on 29th March’.
Apart from that, Theresa May held a meeting with her party members who are with Brexit on January 17, 2019. Amongst them were influential politicians like Owen Peterson, Iain Duncan Smith, David Davies, Mark Francis, and Steve Baker. Also, she met with Arlene Foster, leader of Democratic Unionist Party. They are all with Brexit. However, they voted against the Brexit Deal issued by the Government. They are indicating that they would support the government on the Brexit issue only if the Government dissolves the dispute over the Ireland-Borders. But they are also against time increment for Brexit.

However, the ruling party’s Anti-Brexit MP, Nick Boles said that he had proposed a bill in Parliament for the time increment regarding Brexit. He claimed that in case the prime minister decides to take things on her hand by herself, at least 20 members of Parliament would resign!
On this issue, BBC report suggests that the budget proposed for the No-Deal Brexit has seen the government agencies already spend 20% of it by this time. The government employees have been previously trained for the management of Tax and Immigration Branch. UK’s Defense Minister, Gavin Williamson said, ‘ We have already stationed about 3,500 soldiers to tackle the unrest after the No-deal Brexit’.

On the other hand, EU enlisted countries have been hurrying their preparation to deal with the aftermath of this No-deal Brexit. France government has already let us know that they are recruiting an additional 600 employees.
If any new agreements aren’t brought up, it will only be a matter of few days before UK is disembodied from the European Union (EU).

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