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Is really Modern Business Is Obsolete Without IT!

This is the era of informatics. Nowadays it is pretty much impossible to run a business without the help of IT. Various IT-enabled services are part of our personal lives as well. Today we will have a look on to, how the IT and IT-enabled services helping us on business.


Communication: Communication plays a vital part in every business. In modern-day business, email is one of the important modes of communication. Almost every business has email correspondence for their day to day business needs. Apart from email, there are few other tools like Skype and other Voice over IP tools like WhatsApp, Viber, IMO etc. is also used in modern day business for video and voice calls and conference.


Business Process: Nowadays, the large and medium level business has some kind ERP system to record their day to day business activities. The small level business also has some kind of computerized system to record theirs also. Especially for the inventory and account, every business uses some sort of computerized system, whether it is a spreadsheet or a fancy ERP solution.
Information Management: Business is much more competitive these days. To grab on the competitive market, the business units need to be up to date with the data and analytics. The IT is a proven tool to manage and analyze information for various business needs. There are several tools used like Microsoft Power BI, SAP business object etc. these tools help the top management to analyze the data and take effective decisions to take the business forward in this competitive world.
Data Storage: Storing and archiving of data is a huge task. For an old organization, it is troublesome and costly as well. Storing data files physically requires a noticeable amount of space and preserving these data for a long time is also very difficult. So, again the IT helps us to store these data in a structured manner, with a minimum space required. In a digital form, the data can be preserved for a quite a long time.
These are some of the points that IT can help us with. However, there are many more, which we would like to discuss in future.


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