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Japan Bangladesh Friendship – Behind The Scene

Japan, the world’s one of the powerful industrialized nations known as the land of the sun, is in the first in position. Much faster than the industry after World War II, the country to achieve prosperity. Japan takes part in the independence movement of Bangladesh. Even at the post independent time of Bangladesh, Japan had played a significant role which is a solid example of friendship. The friendship is an absolute selfless international relationship between two countries. It’s a rare scenario in today’s world. There is a history behind it!

There was colossal destruction over Chinese in 1937, at Nanking (now Nanjing) committed by Japan. The massacre was massive. Murder, atrocities, including rape rarely seen in the world. There is a heart touching movie called “The Flowers of War” based on this massacre. Before the Japanese after the ten million dead-beat. Blood alcohol seized during World War II, Japan was finally forced to leave the race because today they were paying attention to the formation of one of the most civilized nations in the world has become.

Kushtia behind the formation of this nation was born a Bangladeshi being grateful by the Japanese. Despite international pressure on International Tribunal War Crimes “Tokyo Trial” This Bangladeshi judges’ firm stance on compensation other nations’ has been minimized. Alternatively, that the burden of compensation for allies and other judges, they wanted to impose its liabilities would have dragged Japan into deep trouble. The debt would not have been available in Japan, pulling the nation-building opportunity.

At the same time Japanese emperor Hirohito said, “As long as there will be in Japan, Bengali food shortage and the financial problem will be overseen. Japan will be a selfless friend forever to Bangladesh.”

It was not just the words; we have yet to see the evidence. Japan is still the most selfless friend. Almost 65 years after the incident, an engineering expert was killed in the attack of Holy Artisan in Gulshan. Japan was still beside Bangladesh after what happened. Moreover, in Kushtia, a Bangladesh-born judge is yet found in Japanese textbooks. Japan established his name and some Memorial Monument. But the irony is Bangladesh has almost forgotten the contribution of Justice Radhabinod Pal (1886-1967).

Statue of Radhabinod Pal-The InCAP

In addition to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University, he served great responsibilities in his lifetime. Before admission to the University of Calcutta, he was a student in his village school in Kushtia and Rajshahi College.  He was a lecturer at Ananda Mohan College at the beginning of his career. He has also practiced law in the Mymensingh court for a few days. In Netflix, a television series named Tokyo Trial (Tokyo Trial), Irfan Khan played the role of Radhabinod Pal.

Radhabinod Pal was the window! That opened for independent Bangladesh. Very few people know about this great chapter of Bengali intellectual valor!


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