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New Year Greetings From Southeast University: Prof. Dr. AFM Mafizul Islam

Prof. Dr. AFM Mafizul Islam, Vice-Chancellor - Southeast University

Here is wishing from the Southeast University (SEU) family a very Happy New Year!

I hope the year will bring us all closer to our own goals as a University, and also closer to our own individual goals and closer as a University! And I hope that we will also find a year of peace that will allow us all to grow in every important way.

The goal of the University is to provide an excellent modern education for students with a view to equipping them with the skill and knowledge necessary to lead the country in its quest for development. Along with this, the University also aims at producing students of high moral standard in its students. SEU has the authority, under its charter, to provide instruction to confer Undergraduate and Post Graduate degrees. It has plans to offer MPhil and Ph.D. programs in all branches of higher studies, including engineering, agriculture, language, law, and medical sciences. It also has the authority to grant diplomas, certificates, and other academic distinctions. It also has the authority to open new Schools of studies and new institutions on its own campus.

The Mission of SEU is to provide higher education at an affordable cost, keeping in view the economic conditions of the middle and lower-middle-income families in Bangladesh, impart world-class education, provide research facilities so that the students can develop their full intellectual, social and personal potentials, provide knowledge, skills, and abilities to transform human resource into human capital and inculcate moral and ethical values among students. Our vision is to obtain global recognition as a world-class university.

I hope we learn better to enjoy the very special environment in which we work and live and that we appreciate, nurture and protect it even more than we already do! Our campus is a very special place, and it is a wonderful gift that we already have, a gift that renews itself each day!

I wish the international business magazine The InCAP a great success!

May 2021 be a happy year for all of us!

Prof. Dr. AFM Mafizul Islam
Vice Chancellor
Southeast University

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