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The Activity and Equipment of Creative Process: Part 1

A while back I was thinking of starting a new video project. I started researching of which gears to get and what kind of space to acquire. Obviously, I stumbled onto the best Tech Vloggers and Youtubers. I started calculating how much should I spend.
I soon snapped back into reality. I was falling into the pit of “Absolute Necessary Equipment”. It goes like this –
I Don’t Have the right camera gear so I can’t shoot that video!
I Don’t Have the latest bike so I can’t start cycling!
I Don’t Have the best backpack, so I can’t go on a backpacking journey!
And the list will go on and on. But don’t feel bad, It’s easy to get lost in the current world of media and advertisement.
The world around us has achieved new heights of manipulating people. We are reached by the media in such a way that we feel we need this item to get the job done. As efficient as the people in the advertisement. Or one might see the superior video quality of a creator and feel, I need his rig in order to shoot a video on his level.
While part of this may be true that having that expensive equipment may help you get efficient and better, it’s certainly not the only way.  We should always remember “Necessity is the mother of invention”. To elaborate on this point, I will request you to examine a genre-defying horror film- The Evil Dead.
The Evil Dead Movie Poster – The InCAP
The Evil Dead is a spectacular horror film made in 1981. It is about a group of friends staying in a cabin near the woods who are hunted down by an evil force. There was quite a number of shots where we saw the camera panning through the jungle. While this procedure is not jaw-dropping now, with the inventions of drones and camera stabilizers, for a production of its time – without budget or technology that its 2013 remake had it could only rely on innovation. The makers of the film had to come up with an idea to give the frightening feeling of an evil force lurking in the jungle. So they came up with an idea to give the audience proper visual. They strapped the camera with a piece of wood and ran with it!
So, in my opinion, while expensive and latest equipment can get you a better result, it’s absent absolutely cannot be the reason why you won’t start a project. I’m not saying you should not get better equipment. In fact, I am gonna shed some light on that matter in the next part.


Editor’s Note: The next part will be published very soon. Stay Tuned.


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