The Economic Impetus Through Social Impact

In this time and age, we have never seen an unprecedented amalgam of despair and agony. Though we are in a mess as per the societal norm and history go, now we are forced to stay in the lines of strict formation. The rule which aide’s management makes a clear cut statement with regards to the way we operate. The marginalization puts almost everything at risk, and there is the economic truth amidst pandemic reign by being a shining example of liberty and justice across all platforms.

The predetermined notion has an implicit effect, and this cause-effect debacle has made us the most vulnerable to social sensitivities. So far, the forecasts have shown it to be unarguably dim, and even though continuous work has to be done to prove its validity, now we have reached the state of social and moral uplift. The difference between categories and differences between and within the category must be made clear. In simple and to some extent, layman’s terms, all of us in terms of the concept of formalism have gone through a radical change as the years into the decades have gone by.

The human civilization has been endowed with a lot of gifts, and time among many other, is the best replication of it. The repeated narrative becomes our biggest problem through the potency that we got: The gap between the truth and lie becomes ever so susceptible to attacks from people and places associated with extremism and extremist viewpoint. To come out and apprehend the structural methodologies of the system by which the state operates is a mere lack of factual evidence without proper differentiation. The lack of social heresy emanates into a repetitive culture. As we move into a corrected version of society as a whole and to a lesser extent ourselves, we are in a high-paced car ready for a collision course that finds its way out of an impossible situation.

Throughout history, there were events that lead to the obliteration of creed and nations. Strictly speaking, the human psyche is not well attenuated with the frequencies of people from other cultures; that’s the reason why through social impact economic advancement is possible, because as we slowly close the bridge between ideologies, we finally arrive at a state of solitude. Peace amongst people of different cultures is one of the most significant achievements of the human race, and it is the driving force with which we move forward.

The economy and society have always been interconnected, with the ripple effect of one affecting the another, but the concepts are from two different sources; one involves the fluidity of materialism and the other fixation of rigid laws passed down through generations. But the truth has to be said; societal norms affect the economy because they are inter-tangled, with ripple effects everywhere. Yet, somewhere down the line, as a society, nation, and most importantly culture, all of the people have found out adaptive measures by maintaining the equilibrium amongst these regenerative concepts regarding life and how unfathomable it gets in times when proper action is needed.

Social impact has been an ever-increasing cause of confusion amongst people who practice politics and people who are involved with the market economy. Politics in itself is the biggest deplorer of social impact and what follows from fragments of it is the economy. So the impetus required for economic boom comes from the social practices like electing a government, setting up institutions, and starting from the jumping pad that, as a consequence of nature, begins the true form of liberty. Any problem with the society has effects on the economy and vice versa. Therefore, all of us should consider two things: The social justification of economic procedure, and the other is the system built to prevent social and, more importantly, moral unrest.

We can never ever quit in the face of adversity because the adversity has arisen as a domino effect of the inter-entanglement of society and the economy, so just by rather abandoning a particular cause, paying heed to systematic procedures will uplift us into the zenith of civilization. The realistic scenario is, however, quite different. Rampant corruption, lack of resources, and manpower have put many of the nations in the world at a pace direfully slow towards growth, both as a society and as an economy.

The absolutes about the economy, however, will not go away that easily. Fundamental concepts such as scarcity, supply and demand, cost and benefits, and the ever-rising and new addition of incentives that perfectly recurs the basic necessities reiterate that the economy will go to astray if left unattended. These very basic conditions set us into place, as we have to deal with these concepts as long as a market exists. We aren’t particularly expecting the markets, especially the stock markets, to react abruptly in favor or not in favor of social justice and injustices, but there is always something under the tone that seems appalling.

In times like COVID-19, the solutions have become more prominent. Loss of wealth is nothing compared to the loss of life, and we have reached a state where we incur with to reach a point, the point being social norms must be perfectly amiable to propagate the economic factors and reach the perfect balance. The value of time is tested, and we face an ever-growing premonition to rub our shoulders with facts known and unknown, and this merges the rules of society and the economy. All of this will go well if mitigated by a bridge of political power. However, the tried and tested thumb rule indicates that the combination of societal values and economic rules will free our souls of the shackles that have hinged the world since the beginning of existence.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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