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The US Aims to Become A Hydrogen Production Powerhouse

The US Aims to Become A Hydrogen Production Powerhouse - theincap
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The United States will invest 7 billion dollars in hydrogen production. The administration of President Joe Biden has adopted some plans to strengthen its position as a significant hydrogen producer before the end of this decade. Investment in the sector is being increased under this plan. The leading export destination of the produced hydrogen will be Japan. The article contains The US Aims to Become A Hydrogen Production Powerhouse.

He said that by 2030, a target had been set to meet the demand for one crore tonnes of gas. To implement this goal, an investment plan of more than 7 billion dollars has been taken to build a hydrogen production hub in the country. With this, hydrogen is expected to become a strong pillar of the US economy in the coming decades.

Gas produced under the plan will be exported as well as supplied across the country. Meanwhile, Japan is committed to producing and importing hydrogen and ammonia fuels. We want to work together with Japan for this purpose. David Crane said that the government investment to reduce carbon emissions to zero will be 26 billion dollars. At the same time, the total investment, including the private sector, is expected to be around 5 thousand billion dollars.

Meanwhile, in August 2022, David Crane was nominated as the undersecretary nominee for the energy sector. However, it is still awaiting congressional approval.

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