Unjustifiable Justices: An Obsolete Truth

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The real truth behind what goes down once the curtains are closed has ever so prominently become the prerogative staple of society. The place and state at which we have arrived have notoriously plagued us from the within so that we have troubles at first understanding ourselves and then understanding the rest of the world.

The utmost form of justice-whether you like it or not-stems from the fact that this day the society has arrived at the state of mutilation from the inside out, and even religious fervor would not be sufficient enough to conclude that doom is upon anything and everything. The real meaning of our self-being is prolonged when the human mind begins to acknowledge the power of valor and the mindset of justifiable demeanor that everyone on the planet possesses. Credit will never go to the way the far-right extremists of the society have been allowed to keep up the violence even amid times of peace and to do so in an ever-increasing prevalent manner without a sigh of shame.

The world still is going ahead, countries in terms of the economy are emerging out, percentage of educated people is increasing depending on the criteria of a particular country, increase in science and technology in terms of the knowledge and development along with the engineers and scientists have seen an unprecedented growth even among lower-middle-income countries, and mainly the faith in monotheism hasn’t gone away but is on an uptrend, and this is the picture of the world now in a jiffy.

Apart from the economy and education, and technological development, the world has progressed as a culture, and as the utopic society many people thought our world would be is actually not that far away. There is not a place in the world where we are free from the disease of being mirrored as an individual, and the tenants of the belief that makes up the ideal individual have become even more rigorously true with time.

Therefore the labels are given to the people, and their pursuit towards it begins with the simplest of simple things: The recognition of dreams over desires and justice over injustices. Moving away from the pragmatic logic, let’s dive into the sea of communalism. The popular vote is always towards people who mesh facts and charisma very well and this actually in terms of delivering results matches the way a political system works. Provide accurately and improving facts, and they provide you back the same. Though there are facts where there is racial discrimination and the undeniable power of people above people lower in the social ladder, the way the world has learned to work itself out is through selection very similar to the natural selection of species and evolutionary biology associated with selection it.

Everything that happens or is going to happen will happen, and the way we can determine the contents of what is eventually going to lead us to the answer, after all, is the truth. Anything more than this is an absolute insult to the religion of any culture, to the institutions and governments running a particular nation, and at last, the servitude of the individual himself or herself.

The way we begin to increase the distance between the utopia the human civilization desires and the obstructive reality we face every day should not bog us down. Who could have ever imagined that the feats accomplished by human beings, from which some of it includes sending a man to the moon and many more million examples, were actually feats of the collective capacity of the human mind and work in a compact form of feasible accomplishments? To give regards to the people who deserve it to bring social harmony and benefits in multiple forms and then transform the benefits into a rigid but yet stable reality that we live in has become the true hallmark of human dignity.

However, where there is progress, there are pricks on the street that, as a race, then as a community and individual, must face reaching the goal. The goal is the representation of an uptrend that continuously keeps going up; no one in their right mind would want anything other than the fact that the way ahead is the right way towards flourishing peace and development. We are working towards a common goal, and that is to obliterate the common enemy. The common enemy is all the bad elements of the entire world, those who for secularism, those who advocate racial discrimination, and those who judge the book by its cover. What today’s society is facing is a meaningless justification for which there is no need. All that is required of us is a social order and the proper steps to inculcate an indulgent practice towards maintaining that order. There are few countries that come to mind, and many others have begun following in the footsteps of the flag bearers of humane growth.

Unjustifiable injustices, though the title might seem rigidly unacceptable as a rule of society by some and as an eventuality by others, the fact that today we stand where we stand through the prolonged dedication and hard work by our forefathers and in a phase of continuation by today’s generation has uplifted the capacity to which we can extend the reach of humanity. All of us know the fragility that we ourselves associate the human race with. This fragility makes us oblivious to the truth, and that is: There is a way out of almost every bad situation that you are put in. Just test one to the extremities of social situations, situations from where we jump and never have to look back. Multiple cases are there in the past, proving that anything is possible and, more so truly, the ability of a human being to tackle any situation with added deliberative capacity.

And once we begin to see the real picture, we get a glimpse such that the potential of the human mind is far away from the notion of its idealization, but despite that, here we are with all the man-made and technological marvels with us and all of this a minute of human capacity, but the question remains: What would the world look like if the mind reached its full potential.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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