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Wallflower – Real vs. Paper Version

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person”– a simple quoted line but why is this particular line being the starting of my article? That’s as maybe this specific line has changed my perspective of life or so has changed my vision or perhaps has proved an excellent point. So without further ado, we are going to acknowledge the conception of a paper version of a person.

Particularly, when we come across a person for the very first time, what we do? We see, our brain receives that image, and then we create a quick idea of that person. So here, in this case, a young man named Quentin Jacobson, shortly known as Q; and a trendy, pretty yet mysterious girl Margo Roth Spiegelman. They were both at the end of their senior year, at their late teens. Wild hormones are rushing through their veins, discovering new aspects of life and thus living their “so-called” best life.

One day early in the morning, Q came across Margo it’s like observing a person for the very first time even though they were childhood friends, but cool kids were not supposed to be with the nerd community. Q stared at her for the longest minute as if he discovered something new, but it was the same person he used to share his donuts in second grade. At that exact moment, Q created a paper version of Margo on the back of his mind, and he was already in love with that self-created paper version of that person.

Human Imaginative Tendency-The InCAP

Q imagined Margo just the way he wanted to. If truth to be told this is a human tendency, that is when we get a minimalist idea of a person; we create a paper version of that person using all the perfect traits. Imaging the person in our way, not the way the person really is. Moreover, when we subsequently get to know the person, concede the real information about them, diagnose their real traits. In one word, get to know the real person, we are disappointed; we are hurt because that particular person is no longer the “perfect” paper version. Everyone loves the perfect version of a person as it’s more convenient. People criticize the real version of a person as they can’t accept the malicious truth.
Margo was genuinely devastated; she was a masochist and was unconditionally ready to give up on her life. Conversely, Q was perplexed as her paper version of Margo scattered. People are shaken when they get to know the real version a person as the real person has flaws, scars, and agonizing past.

Frankly, there are actually two sides of a person. One side for the world to know and the other side is the authentic side. All the strings inside her broke, and she stopped feeling feelings, she could no longer fuel people’s fantasy and could no longer be the perfect girl. She gave up as she already knew the truth about this disguise world and she left. She evades from that paper town saying “the paper girl can’t no longer have the paper fun in this paper town.” Also, that particular incident killed Q since he imagined her as his perfect happy girl but turned out to defect. Who’s to blame? Considering that, a paper version of a person is the reflection of one’s thoughts and ideas.

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