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Future Corporate Leader: Faritah Mansur

Faritah Mansur
Head of Content
Shajgoj Limited

Meet Faritah Mansur, the Head of Content at Shajgoj Limited, an esteemed figure shaping the digital landscape. With a keen eye for innovation and a strategic mindset, Faritah drives dynamic content strategies that resonate globally. Her leadership exemplifies the evolving standards of modern commerce, making her a standout in the international business community.

Let’s learn about her journey.

Ms. Faritah Mansur, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

I attended Viqarunnisa Noon School for my schooling and pursued my higher secondary education at Dhaka City College. After completing my HSC, I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at North South University. My major areas of study were Marketing and Human Resource Management. The choice of these two disciplines stemmed from a childhood disinterest towards numbers; while I wasn’t inherently bad at mathematics, it always felt like a less comfortable fit for me. Moreover, considering my aspirations for a career in academia, it seemed illogical to invest significant energy into mastering subjects that didn’t resonate with my interests.

Following my graduation, I secured a coveted internship position at Grameenphone within their commercial department. Subsequently, I transitioned to a role as a Brand Development Executive at a beauty company. Eventually, I found my way to Shajgoj, the largest omni-channel beauty company in Bangladesh, initially joining as a Content Executive. Through dedication and hard work, I progressed to the position of Head of Content within the company.

As the Head of Content at Shajgoj Limited, what inspired you to pursue a career in content creation and management, and how does your role contribute to Shajgoj’s overall business objectives?

Several factors aligned to lead me towards content creation. Firstly, I’ve always been drawn to creative endeavors. Content creation, by its nature, involves generating fresh ideas and concepts to ensure that the content remains engaging for the audience and stays ahead of the curve. Secondly, I possess a genuine passion for research. Whether it’s studying or delving into a topic, I strive to delve deep into the subject matter. Crafting content on various beauty-related topics demands intensive research, and this aligns perfectly with my inclination. Lastly, the profound impact my beauty and personal care content has on women, empowering them, boosting their confidence, and fostering their expertise in their own beauty, fills me with immense satisfaction.

Shajgoj does not focus on selling only, it prioritizes educating our customers, empowering them to make informed decisions about their needs and preferences. Content plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. Currently, we maintain a strong presence across multiple social media platforms, offering a plethora of content types, including articles, videos, and static posts. These contents cover a wide array of topics ranging from skincare and haircare to makeup guidelines tailored to different demographics such as age, gender, skin type, hair type, and skin tones. Our content series, including “Skincare 101,” “Beauty Mistakes,” “Beauty Myths,” “Top 5,” “Makeup Guidelines,” etc. which caters to both novice and seasoned enthusiasts. Behind the scenes, we boast a dedicated team of beauty experts, pharmacists, makeup artists, content creators, cinematographers, video editors who collaborate to deliver engaging and informative content across various social media platforms. In addition to beauty advice, we provide comprehensive product reviews, detailing ingredients, usage instructions, suitability, and application process. Furthermore, our vibrant Facebook group ‘Shajgoj Insider’ serves as a forum for our audience to share their experiences and reviews, fostering a sense of community and trust. Through these efforts, we’ve cultivated a profound emotional connection and enduring relationship with our customers, establishing Shajgoj as a trusted authority in the realm of beauty and personal care.

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce and beauty retail, how do you stay ahead of emerging content trends and consumer preferences to maintain Shajgoj’s position as a market leader?

First and foremost, our primary focus lies in understanding our customers’ pain points and addressing their informational needs. For us, content creation means more than just randomly generating material; it’s about providing our audience with valuable insights, addressing their issues, and presenting solutions to their challenges. If we were to produce content without considering the needs and preferences of our audience, we wouldn’t achieve our intended goals. Therefore, we meticulously research topics, ensuring that the information we provide is accurate and reliable. Our content undergoes thorough fact- checking procedures to maintain the highest standards of authenticity. Only when we are confident in the accuracy of the information do we proceed with content creation.

Secondly, we place significant emphasis on the manner in which the information is presented, particularly across various social media platforms. As mentioned earlier, different platforms cater to audiences of varying demographics, necessitating tailored approaches to content delivery. While the essence of the information remains consistent, the format and style of content differ based on platform preferences. For instance, some individuals prefer in-depth articles, while others gravitate towards concise, visually appealing content. We continuously monitor social media trends to ensure that our content remains relevant and engaging.

Lastly, in addition to beauty-related content, we extend our scope to encompass other areas of interest such as health, fitness, lifestyle, recipes etc. By diversifying our content portfolio, we cater to a broader audience base while maintaining our commitment to providing informative and valuable material across various domains.

Beyond your professional responsibilities, what personal experiences or interests drive your passion for content creation and storytelling, and how do you incorporate these into your work at Shajgoj Limited?

As I mentioned earlier, my aspiration was to embark on a career within the academic sector. Additionally, I’ve always possessed a knack for public speaking, which is something I genuinely enjoy. Therefore, through content creation at Shajgoj, I find myself fulfilling my passion for education. In the initial stages, I actively participated in video presentations and conducted live sessions. Here, my proficiency in public speaking and presentation skills proved invaluable. It’s not merely about disseminating information; rather, it’s about capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention. Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful content delivery, and my ability to engage and connect with the audience has been pivotal in ensuring creation of useful content.

Can you share a particularly rewarding experience or achievement from your time as Head of Content at Shajgoj Limited, and the lessons learned from it?

Holding the position of Head of Content has been the most rewarding aspect of my journey at Shajgoj. Starting as an executive and now leading a team comprising content creators, presenters, sub-editors, cinematographers, video editors, makeup artists, and interns has been an incredible journey. Managing such a diverse and creative team presents its challenges, yet it’s also an immensely enriching experience. Each day, I find myself learning and evolving, striving to become the best possible leader. This involves understanding the unique strengths and personalities of each team member, cultivating good listening skills, practicing empathy, and exercising patience to foster the growth and development of every individual under my guidance. It’s not just about overseeing operations; it’s about creating an environment where everyone feels valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best work.

How do you value the contributions of your creative team members in generating and executing innovative content ideas for Shajgoj?

We highly value our creative team’s contributions in generating and executing innovative content ideas. Their creativity, insight, and dedication are crucial in shaping our content strategy and delivering impactful materials to our audience. Their efforts are recognized through regular feedback, acknowledgment of their accomplishments, and providing opportunities for professional development. I believe that fostering a collaborative environment empowers my team members to share and experiment with new approaches, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. As we publish content across various social media platforms, the process demands thorough research, ideation, and creativity. While I provide guidance and the initial ideas, a successful execution relies on the collective effort of our creative team. Each member plays a pivotal role in crafting an online content. I take pride in leading such a talented group of individuals who are capable of turning my ideas into reality. Their diverse skills and perspectives contribute to the quality of our content and our success in engaging our audience across different platforms.

Ms. Faritah Mansur, please say something to the readers!

Dear readers, I urge you not to give up easily. If there’s something you desire, pursue it with determination, hard work, and patience. However, it’s essential not to be too harsh on yourself in the process. Remember, life is a journey, and along the way, it’s important to savor every experience. Enjoy the ups and downs, the challenges, and the victories, for they all contribute to the richness of your journey. Embrace the journey with optimism, resilience, and a willingness to learn, grow, and evolve.

Quick Chat with Faritah Mansur

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
My greatest accomplishment is the person I am right now. I believe that life is a constant work in progress and that all moments, the significant milestones and the small ones, all make up who I am.

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
The most impactful advice I’ve received is from my partner. He told me “Make each day count.” This inspired me to seize all opportunities, pursue my goals, and make meaningful decisions daily. I now prioritize my time more effectively, taking proactive steps to enhance my fulfillment. Only taking those words to heart has helped me nurture a mindset of gratitude, purpose, and deeper appreciation for all the blessings in my life.

You in only three words:
Empathetic, Genuine, Focused.

Skill Set:

● Hard Skills:
Content Strategy, Analytical, Problem Solving.

● Soft Skills:
Communication, Leadership, Public Speaking.

Prayer For the Human Civilization
My prayer for human civilization is that one day, we will be able to eradicate poverty, war, discrimination, and hatred to make the world a better place.

The InCAP: Thank you, Ms. Faritah Mansur! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Ms. Faritah Mansur: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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