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September 2020 Issue-The Financial Architect Dr. Jamaluddin Ahmed

September 2020 Issue is Knocking Your Doorstep

September 2020 Issue of The InCAP is now available in Bangladesh, USA, UK, India, China, and Singapore.Amid Bangladesh, you can get your copy...

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Mr. Christopher Baker, GM - Amari Dhaka

Amari Dhaka Appoints Christopher Baker as General Manager

An experienced hospitality professional, Mr. Christopher Baker has been appointed as the new General Manager of Amari Dhaka as of October 1,...

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Conveyors of Economic Stabilization

Disputes are hard to recognize, for reasons both known and unknown-management of ill known facts seems to be the most gullible of...


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Aphorism: 110

Financial X-Ray

The Financial Architect Jamaluddin Ahmed-theincap

The Financial Architect: Dr. Jamaluddin Ahmed

Dr. Jamaluddin Ahmed, FCA General Secretary, Bangladesh Economic AssociationFormer Chairman, Janata Bank LimitedFormer Member of...

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Initiatives To Alleviate The Covid-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has become a new threat to survive in almost all countries in the world, and it is a new strain that...

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ISS Robot AstroBee Programming Opportunity-theincap

Letter From MIT

I am pleased and humbled to announce that for the first time, as far as I know, students from schools, colleges, and...

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