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Promising Professional Person: Nusrat Novera

Ms. Nusrat Novera is a dynamic Digital Channel Lead at Robi Axiata Limited, whose illustrious five-year career reflects a remarkable journey from orchestrating successful product launches to pioneering transformative initiatives in the digital landscape. With a Master’s in Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor’s in Disaster and Human Security Management, Ms. Novera seamlessly combines her diverse skill set to excel in digital marketing, brand strategy, and project leadership. Her strategic approach, innovative mindset, and commitment to continuous learning have not only driven substantial revenue but also positioned her as a thought leader in the ever-evolving tech and digital sectors. A true advocate for diversity and continuous learning, Ms. Nusrat Novera stands as an inspiring figure, shaping the future of digital leadership.

Let’s learn about her journey.

In my dynamic five-year career, I have consistently driven substantial revenue and profits through initiative-taking strategies, bringing a multifaceted approach involving competitor research, innovative promotional strategies, and continuous optimization. As a results-focused professional, I excel in exceeding expectations by identifying market gaps and leveraging customer trends. My diverse skill set includes analytical prowess, effective communication, and project management. Accomplishments range from orchestrating successful product launches to enhancing channel performance. I have successfully executed impactful initiatives, such as launching Daraz Mall’s “2x Money Back Guarantee” policy and strategized the launch inception of the food delivery app “Servus” for Golden Harvest. And introducing “Foodpanda (shops, home kitchen). Beyond the corporate realm, I have contributed to various volunteer activities, showcasing leadership and a commitment to social causes such as the “Beat Plastic Pollution” campaign by the United Nations Volunteer’s. With a master’s in business administration in Marketing from the University of Dhaka and a Bachelor’s in Disaster and Human Security Management from the Bangladesh University of Professionals, I have honed my expertise in digital marketing, brand strategy, and project leadership. Currently serving as the Digital Channel Lead at Axentec PLC, a Robi Axiata Company, my journey involves honing skills in brand strategy, channel management, and market positioning as I delve into the realm of developing a distinctive brand persona for an IT Company, exploring new facets of the branding landscape.

Embarking on the journey from being a social science student to the corporate world involved a deliberate and strategic transition. While my academic background equipped me with a solid foundation in understanding societal dynamics and human behavior, I recognized the need to complement these skills with practical business acumen. To bridge this gap, I pursued relevant certifications, such as Google Garage’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, and engaged in extracurricular activities that honed my analytical and strategic thinking. Networking played a pivotal role; attending industry events, connecting with professionals, and seeking mentorship facilitated insights into the corporate landscape. My adaptability, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning, allowed me to translate my social science expertise into valuable contributions within the corporate arena, eventually leading to successful roles in marketing and brand strategy. Navigating the transition from a social science student to the corporate world was indeed a self-directed journey for me. While I did not have a formal mentor, I proactively sought guidance and insights from industry professionals through networking events, seminars, and online forums. Leveraging these opportunities, I absorbed valuable advice, learned about industry trends, and expanded my understanding of corporate dynamics. Additionally, I tapped into online resources, such as courses and webinars, to build practical skills that complemented my social science background. This self-driven approach, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning, allowed me to carve my path in the corporate realm and successfully integrate my social science knowledge into practical, business-oriented roles.

Navigating the transition from being a social science student to the corporate world was a self-driven journey marked by resilience and continuous learning. In the absence of a formal mentor, I took initiative-taking steps to enhance my skills and relevance in the professional arena. Seeking out relevant certifications, such as Google Garage’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, proved instrumental in acquiring practical knowledge. Additionally, participating in industry events and networking opportunities allowed me to gain insights into corporate dynamics. My adaptability, coupled with a commitment to lifelong learning, played a pivotal role in successfully carving a niche within the corporate landscape, demonstrating that with determination and self-guided efforts, one can thrive even in the absence of formal mentorship.

For those who are aiming to excel in leadership, in the technology sector or new businesses here is some advice which I would like to offer. First and foremost, prioritize learning to keep up with evolving technologies and industry trends. It is important to have a rounded understanding of the digital ecosystem, including user experience, data analytics and market dynamics. Make adaptability a priority so that you can navigate changes effectively and foster collaboration within teams and across departments.

Flexibility is crucial in this world. Develop a mindset that allows you to pivot in response to market shifts and technological advancements. Embrace change as an opportunity for growth than an obstacle. Successful digital leadership often relies on collaboration. Encourage a culture of collaboration within your team and across departments. Collaborating across functions can lead to solutions and a cohesive digital strategy.

Always keep the user at the forefront of your initiatives. Understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Taking a user approach ensures that your digital solutions resonate with your target audience, driving engagement and loyalty.

Utilize data as a guiding force in your decision-making process. Invest in analytics tools. Use data insights to refine strategies optimize user experiences and measure the success of your digital initiatives.

Networking holds value in the realm. Build connections with professionals in your industry along with thought leaders and colleagues. Attend conferences actively participate in forums and engage in industry events. Having a robust network opens doors for exchanging knowledge and fostering collaboration.

Effective digital leadership requires strong leadership skills. Develop your ability to inspire, motivate, and guide your team. Foster a positive and innovative work environment that encourages creativity and problem-solving. The digital landscape can be challenging, but passion and resilience are your greatest assets. Stay enthusiastic about your work, and let that enthusiasm fuel your commitment to overcoming obstacles. Embrace setbacks as opportunities to gain experience and grow.

The journey to digital leadership is an ongoing process. By embracing an initiative-taking and adaptive mindset, you will be well-positioned to excel in the ever-evolving digital sector or within emerging businesses.

In my approach to maintaining competitiveness in the digital landscape, I focus on harnessing emerging technologies that enhance our online presence. This involves exploring new tools and trends to optimize our strategies for the online sphere, ensuring our digital footprint remains dynamic and engaging. By staying current with evolving technologies, I strive to create a seamless and captivating online experience, irrespective of the specific platform. This adaptability helps us remain agile and effective in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Distinguishing between the management of operations in the online platform business and the IT & ICT Industry entails recognizing the varied challenges intrinsic to each domain. In the online platform sphere, emphasis is placed on user-centric strategies, scalability, and the optimization of digital experiences. Conversely, IT & ICT industry involves a more intricate understanding of technical solutions, fostering client relationships, and navigating industry-specific complexities. Adapting to this duality necessitates a versatile skill set, encompassing both customer-centric finesse for online platforms and a profound grasp of technical intricacies for IT Industry. To excel in both environments, it is imperative to stay attuned to industry trends, continually refine interpersonal and technical proficiencies, and adopt a comprehensive approach to business strategy. This multifaceted perspective enables individuals to adeptly maneuver through the distinctive challenges and excel in the interconnected dynamics of these sectors.

I strongly believe that the word “Impossible” is not as powerful as what a human can do if they really want to do it. It was only 1 year of my career when Covid happened. I thought of losing everything. But at that time, I have witnessed the revolution of “E-commerce & Online Delivery Platforms.” Saw & worked for Foodpanda to expand 64 districts & grocery shops. Met many Home Chefs & encouraged them step out & believe in their culinary skills. At that time, I realized the power of “Technology” & how the mass market can be dependent on Online Platforms. That realization helped me to groom myself for “Tech” world. And now, I am glad to be also a part of establishing the transfer from “TECH” to “TECHCO”.

I encourage each of you to embrace a spirit of continuous learning and adaptability. The journey towards excellence is marked by a commitment to staying informed about industry trends, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a resilient mindset in the face of challenges. Remember, each step in your professional path contributes to your growth. Keep aspiring, stay curious, and never underestimate the power of perseverance. Wishing you all continued success and fulfillment in your endeavors.

As a woman in leadership, I want to emphasize the incredible value that diversity, particularly women’s leadership, brings to any professional landscape. It is through diverse perspectives and experiences that we foster innovation and drive positive change. I encourage each of you, regardless of gender, to embrace continuous learning as an unwavering principle in your professional journey. In the ever-evolving world, our commitment to learning is paramount, serving as the catalyst for personal and collective growth. So, let us empower one another, break barriers, and never cease our pursuit of knowledge. By cultivating a mindset of constant learning, we can empower ourselves to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, and lead with resilience and expertise. Together, we can shape a future of limitless possibilities. Thank you.

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
Being the first woman from my family with the highest education & stable career.

The greatest philosopher in your view:

Your Icon:
Margaret Thatcher & Indra Nooyi.

Name the most influential books you have read:
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

Your greatest fear:
As Novera, navigating the corporate realm, my greatest fear is the relentless pursuit of perfection, fearing that the unyielding drive to excel might inadvertently overshadow the essence of authenticity, resilience, and the invaluable lessons learned through embracing imperfections.

Best piece of advice you have received:
Never stop learning, take risks & be decisive. Always use discouragement which can help you grow.

You in only three words:
Persistent, Self-Reliant, Resilient.

The InCAP: Thank you, Ms. Nusrat Novera! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Ms. Nusrat Novera: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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