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Promising Professional Person: Tasnim Tul Maisha

Tasnim Tul Maisha
Business Development Executive

Meet Tasnim Tul Maisha, a rising star in the realm of business development, currently serving as a Business Development Executive at SkyWalk. With a passion for forging strategic partnerships and driving growth, Maisha brings a dynamic blend of creativity and strategic acumen to her role. Her dedication to excellence and innovative approach marks her as a promising professional in the international business arena.

Let’s learn about her journey.

Ms. Tasnim Tul Maisha, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

I grew up in a small town called Ramgonj and studied in Laskhmipur, surrounded by lots of trees, ponds, and people of diverse cultures and norms. I completed my high school education there. With the help of some excellent teachers, I earned a government scholarship for my SSC from the Cumilla board. Afterward, I moved to Dhaka and enrolled at Milestone College. Achieving a GPA of 5 during my time at Milestone, I then began my higher studies at East West University. Despite encountering many ups and downs, I graduated with a CGPA of 3.25

How do you utilize your skills as a Business Development Executive to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities for SkyWalk in both domestic and international Markets?

In my opinion, the best skill above all is communication. Communicating with people, building relationships, observing their needs and wants, and serving your best effort to prioritize their needs is the most superior way to capitalize on growth in any domestic and international market. Furthermore, for international market adaptability, it is necessary to understand the culture of different countries. Even if there are some barriers, such as a language barrier, country culture adaptability allows for the development of relationships with people. SkyWalk is basically a strategic agency, where our main strategy is to communicate with our clients, tell a story, build a relationship, and serve them accordingly. Our main goal is to make our clients happy. According to me, this communication and adaptability skill is one of the best ways to capitalize on growth opportunities for any industry or any market.

Can you provide examples of successful partnerships or collaborations you’ve facilitated to expand SkyWalk’s business reach?

At first, I joined as a client service executive. My key responsibilities included client management, building customer relationships, and client hunting. I used to maintain 8 to 10 onboard clients at a time, such as UCB, Best Western Heritage, Pur Baby, Pastel Pret, Bottle, Pet Zone, Bombshell, Shopaholic, and so on. Maintaining client relationships, making pitches, attending meetings, and managing queries were my basic tasks. Although I excelled at maintaining existing clients rather than hunting for new ones. On the other hand, I always ensured team cohesion with every other department. That’s why I was later promoted to business executive.

How do you leverage networking opportunities and industry events to enhance SkyWalk’s presence and reputation in the market?

SkyWalk is a strategic growth marketing firm that focuses on delivering the highest return on investment. Our objective is to deliver services around the world, and we are steadily growing into the creative sector. Above all, my firm has taught me the best way to create client connections over the phone, through text messaging, and in-person. To use networking opportunities and industry events to boost Skywalk’s presence and reputation, I would employ my spokesperson skills, and self-branding is also a way of representing my company’s visibility.

In what ways do you foster long-term relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, investors, and industry partners, to support SkyWalk’s sustainable growth Objectives?

To maintain long-term relationships with our key stakeholders, including clients, investors, and industry partners, I value professional relationships over personal gains. Listening to their requirements, offering emotional support with our services, and continuously following up are the most generic and successful approaches to creating long-term partnerships, and I stick to them.

Ms. Tasnim Tul Maisha, please say something to the readers!

First and foremost, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for taking the time to learn about my professional journey. It means a lot to me. While I recognize that I still have much to learn, I am immensely grateful for the courage and willingness I possess to chase my dreams. I wish to be an Icon for all the young readers out there. I still have many more ways to go, hope you all join me along with the journey. Stay curious, stay compassionate, and never stop believing in the power of your dreams. Thank you for reading.

Quick Chat with Tasnim Tul Maisha

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
My father once told me that he had never been happier than when I showed him my first salary. He always taught me to be independent, never allowing discrimination to enter his mind, despite living in a society where girls are often groomed to become good wives in the future. Instead, he taught me practical skills like how to ride a bus, how to bargain with sellers, and how to always trust my instincts. He is my biggest inspiration, and seeing the emotion and gratitude in his eyes on that day will always be the greatest achievement of my life.

The greatest philosopher in your view:
“Why do we Fall?
So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”
Christopher Nolan

Your Icon:
“You can kill a man, but not his ideas,” attributed to Che Guevara

Name the most influential books you have read:
The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

Your greatest fear:
Not living the life I’ve promised to myself

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
You’ll never know until you try

You in only three words:
Energetic, Empathetic, Enthusiastic

Skill Set

Hard Skill:
● Market Research and Analysis
● Sales and Negotiation
● Digital Marketing Knowledge
● Data Analysis
● Project Management.

Soft Skill:
● Communication
● Relationship Building
● Adaptability
● Problem-Solving
● Emotional Intelligence
● Multitasking

Prayer for The Human Civilization
May we fill the world with kindness, love, and trust so that every creature feels worthy of living.

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