Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Numerous Companies End Operation In Myanmar

An image has been viral that summarizes trucks of Metro company lined up in front of the German wholesaler at Metro's warehouse on the...

Apparel Industry Soon To Launch Platform For Women

Experts say developing countries like Bangladesh could take advantage of the garment industry as an indirect launching platform that may engage more women in...

Five Legends of ‘Surokkha’

The application called 'Surokkha' for vaccine registration is a small demonstration of the capabilities of Bangladeshi International Technology experts who made the app user-friendly...

Bangladesh Ready For Lucrative Foreign Investment

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that after winning the Awami League elections three times in a row since 2008, Bangladesh has been able...

Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled: Man of Sheer Courage

It is known that Bangladesh's most significant achievement now is in the economy. In 50 years, the so-called 'bottomless basket' called Bangladesh has become...

94th Oscar Season To Come

Speculation for the Oscar Academy Award begins at this time of year. Like every year, the Oscar topics have started this time. Movie critics...

South African Retailers To End Their Reliance On Asia

South African retailers seek to reduce Asia dependence; instead, efforts are being made to collect industrial materials from local sources. The companies are taking...

Mark Zuckerberg’s Favourite 4 Books

We have put a list of Mark Zuckerberg's four favourite books that he thinks everyone should read those. Let's find out what are actually...

Why Do World’s Tech Companies Welcome Indian CEOs?

In November, co-founder Jack Dorsey was replaced by Twitter's chief executive officer (CEO), Parag Agarwal. Satya Nadela, Ajaypal Singh Banga, Sundar Pichai, and other...

First Entrepreneur-based Online Marketplace In Bangladesh

Bangladesh's first entrepreneur-based online marketplace ANYVAS has started its journey on October 3, 2021. ANYVAS authorities are informed about the purpose of their business...