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The Mastermind: David Thörewik

David Thörewik
Eton Shirts

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leadership

David Thörewik, a seasoned veteran in the retail industry, has left an indelible mark on every organization he has led. Currently, the CEO of Eton Shirts, Thörewik’s journey is a testament to his exceptional leadership, strategic vision, and innovative mindset. With an impressive career spanning decades, Thörewik has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth, embrace innovation, and maintain an unwavering commitment to quality.

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1928 by Annie Pettersson in Sweden, Eton Shirts has built a storied legacy centered around the perfect men’s dress shirt. For nearly a century, the brand has been synonymous with style, quality, and craftsmanship. Under Thörewik’s leadership, Eton Shirts has not only preserved this heritage but also propelled it into the future with innovative products and strategies.

Innovative Leadership

Thörewik’s tenure at Eton Shirts, beginning in 2019, has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation. “For nearly 100 years, we’ve worked with the ambition to create the best shirt there is,” Thörewik states. “Even as we’ve expanded our offerings, those ambitions remain the same.” This philosophy is evident in the company’s pioneering of the non-iron shirt in the 1990s, a product that revolutionized the industry by combining practicality with uncompromised quality.

Embracing Modern Technology

In an era where digital transformation is crucial, Thörewik has ensured that Eton Shirts stays ahead of the curve. “We have utilized a lot of digital tools over the last few years to further improve our operations,” he explains. The recent exploration of AI technologies is a testament to this commitment. Thörewik believes that AI will revolutionize the industry, much like digitalization did, and he is keen on leveraging it to enhance Eton Shirts’ operations and customer experience.

A Vision for the Future

Thörewik’s vision for Eton Shirts is not just about maintaining its esteemed heritage but also about steering the company toward a future filled with potential. “We see increased physical retail expansion in some established markets and are thrilled to have set into action a plan to evolve our retail space concept,” he reveals. With plans to expand in key cities like Stockholm and New York, Thörewik is confident that Eton Shirts will continue to grow and thrive.

Sustaining Partnerships and Quality

A crucial element of Thörewik’s strategy is the company’s strong reliance on trusted suppliers. “It’s a shared vision of quality, and what you want to achieve at the end of the day,” he points out. This focus on deep, transparent relationships ensures that Eton Shirts can consistently deliver superior products while also navigating the challenges of digitalization and sustainability.

A Collaborative Culture

Thörewik emphasizes the importance of cross-departmental collaboration and a shared set of values within the company. “I believe that the one-man band within a business, those times are over,” he notes. By fostering a culture of collaboration and collective engagement, Thörewik ensures that Eton Shirts remains agile and innovative.

Enduring Success

Despite the challenges that come with leading a nearly century-old brand, Thörewik’s perspective is refreshingly optimistic. “All times come with their own sets of challenges,” he says. “It’s about surpassing people’s expectations – in terms of products, services, and the full customer experience.” Under his leadership, Eton Shirts continues to set industry standards, with a remarkable 59 percent increase in revenue and 1.1 million shirts sold in 2022 alone.

Looking Ahead

With nearly a century behind it, Eton Shirts is poised for an even brighter future under Thörewik’s leadership. “We are committed to continuing our legacy of beautiful and timeless pieces of superior quality that people can be proud to wear, and that we can be proud to make,” he affirms. Thörewik’s strategic vision and unwavering dedication ensure that Eton Shirts will not only meet but exceed the expectations of customers worldwide.

As David Thörewik continues to guide Eton Shirts toward its 100th anniversary, his innovative spirit and commitment to excellence remain the driving forces behind the brand’s enduring success. The mastermind behind Eton Shirts’ modern renaissance, Thörewik is a leader whose impact on the retail industry will be felt for generations to come.

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