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10 Things You Should Not Say To Your Boss

At the office, you and your boss may develop a good relationship, and it can even turn into a friendly relationship but do not let it come in the way of professionalism. You ought to be careful with your words, or this might put your career at risk. Let us see the things we should not speak about with our boss at the office.

1. I Do Not Have Time

Imagine you have much work pending, or you are just about to leave after work, and only then your boss comes to you and asks you to do another work. Do not tell him that you have no time in your hands. In such circumstances, ask your boss which of the work he needs to be completed as per priority. This style will create an image of you, that you are not afraid of doing extra work.

2. Do Not Blame Others

If you are unable to carry out work on your own, do not blame your colleagues for that. Bosses tend to dislike this habit of blaming one another. If you are not responsible for the mistake, then let your boss know about it and explain to him apparently. However, do not blame anybody else for that. Even when you are unable to do work for your own mistake, do not put the blame on someone else. It is in your best interest that you admit your own mistake.

3. Looking For New Job

You might need to change organizations for the sake of your career. Because of having a good relationship with your boss, you might think of telling him about it as he is a well-wisher of you. But it is best not to say to him about you looking out for a new job. Because if you do so, your boss will not consider you as his own at the organization anymore. He will lose faith in you. So, instead of telling him that you are looking for a job, first, confirm your new job and then send a notice to the office when you are leaving, and that should show your professionalism.

4. I Do Not Know How To Do It

If your boss gives you a task, do not tell him at first that you do not know how to do it. Instead, seek help from your colleagues or from someone who knows how it is done. Also, you could always see the tutorials on the Internet. For that, he will develop a positive perspective that you are willing to learn new things. But asking how to do it at the start will create a negative perspective on your capability.

5. Increase Salary Because of My Financial Problem

You could be having a financial crisis in your domestic life but do not show it as a reason to request to your boss to increase your salary. Instead, demonstrate your experience and work efficiency as a reason for negotiations when it comes to salary. Problems in your personal life like Mother’s illness or your children’s education cost- should never be discussed when it comes to talking about salary increment. Instead, show your skills in such a manner that they think the organization needs you.

6. Working Style of Your Previous Boss

At the workplace, your boss could be changed. Everyone has their own way of getting work done. So, never tell your new boss that your previous boss used to do the work the other way. Instead, ask him if whether the work could be done the other way. When you talk about your old boss’s work techniques to your new boss, he will feel that you are not loyal to him. Or that you cannot accept the change. Because of that, he will get an idea that you are not comfortable with changes. As a result, there are more chances that he will not keep you in his upcoming projects as he does not have faith and trust in you.

7. I Want To Go Out A Little Earlier Today

You might need to visit a doctor, or you have some personal work pending. In such a case, never tell your boss that you need to leave early, right after you reach your office. Instead, start working right away, and it is better not to tell him at first because he might feel that you had not done any work after getting into office that day. Moreover, even if you do your work perfectly after telling that, he will feel that you were not attentive that day. So the best you could do is finishing your work as soon as possible and then tell him that you need an early leave.

8. Feeling Bored, Depressed, or Indifferent Today

The office gives you a salary for your work, so the boss always expects to see energetic employees. So, never tell your boss that you are having a bad day, not feel like working today, you are upset, or you are feeling irritated today. Saying that will make your boss think that you are irresponsible towards your work.

9. Hangover Party Last Night

A good relationship with the boss might sometime turn into a friendly relationship but do not go telling him about what happened in the party last night. Even when you are in office, do not say to him that you are still on a hangover. Also, it is a better option not to show this (partying last night) as a reason for you coming late at the office. That, you did not get enough sleep last night because of the partying and this is why you are not able to concentrate at work. Always remember that at the end of the day, he would be one deciding your promotions and salary.

10. I’m Only Here Until I Find Something Better

I’m only here until I find something better; this kind of statement can destroy your career. From this kind of language not only show your ingratitude but also indicates a bad symbol of your mental health. It sounds arrogant and covetous. Love your work, whatever your salary is. Serve your company with your utmost integrity and concentration. Do not consider any work cheap.

Consider the mentioned 10 topics. Enjoy a happy and prosperous corporate life.


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