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Why Should You Invest in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is now one of the most promising emerging markets in the world, and foreign investors are slowly starting to recognize it as a...

Financial Weather of India

Take a glance at the financial and economic weather of India in the 2018-’19 fiscal year. We decorate this article with that news which...

Introduce With “Shekorer Shondhane” Projected By Bishshashe Bangladesh

“Bishshashe Bangladesh” has started its journey in June 2017 with the vision to groom the Bangladeshi Youth by instilling of self-awareness and to increase...

UK Business Breeze

Take a glance at the United Kingdom's business status in the 2018-’19 fiscal year. We decorate this article with that news which generates a...

UX Design Company – A Tale of Two Friends

As a bookworm, Fariha Feroze was always mesmerized by the stories of ancient civilization & extreme engineering. She used to read about Egypt, Greece,...

Jobike: Critical Problem – Simple Solution

We are always searching for the easiest solution for any problem, and that should be. If you ever visit in Dhaka, then you must...

The Powerful Bangladeshi

Umme Habiba is a Barrister and Solicitor in Ontario, Canada. She is the owner and founder of the Umme Habiba Legal Professional Corporation (UHLPC). Umme...

Most Important 10 Rules of Investing in Stock Markets

The stock market is a very complex, sensitive, and technical place. There are no set of rules or method by which profit can be...

Mashiat Fariha Alam: The Rising Asterisk

Mashiat Fariha Alam is a young corporate lady who is not only career-focused but adventurous with a sensible taste of fashion. With a multi-diverse...