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Introduce With “Shekorer Shondhane” Projected By Bishshashe Bangladesh

“Bishshashe Bangladesh” has started its journey in June 2017 with the vision to groom the Bangladeshi Youth by instilling of self-awareness and to increase the employability of the youth in the corporate sector.

Bishshashe Bangladesh has opened a new arena- “Shekorer Shondhane”, a project focused on crafting “Proud Bangladeshis”. This project shall work with the students of different academic institutes and create awareness about the rich heritage and history of Bangladesh.

“Shekorer Sondhane” shall organize essay writing competitions, “Know Thy Country” quiz sessions, experience sharing session with the freedom fighters.

“Shekorer Sondhane”s first programme was held in Nazimuddin Fakirchan High School in Narayanganj where Shekorer Sondhane organized an essay writing competition for the students, along with experience sharing a session with three prominent local freedom fighters. The programme ended with a prize-giving ceremony of the essay writing.

Mr. Abdullah Al Maruf, Executive Director, Bishshashe Bangladesh, Ms. Shaity Ahsan, Director, Communication & Public Affairs and founding members of Bishshashe Bangladesh – M/S A S M Faizullah, Ishtiaque Rasul, Auhom Ahrar ~ Al Quazi, and Ms. Jnnatul Ferdous were present in the ceremony.

Worth mentioning, Bishshashe Bangladesh was awarded as the best Young Nationalist Initiative of 2018 by EBA and Malaysian Institute of Management.

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