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Daraz Appoints New Managing Director For Bangladesh

Daraz Group, one of the leading e-commerce entities in South Asia, announced the appointment of a new managing director for Bangladesh today.

The decision comes two and a half months after the layoff of over 400 full-time employees in Bangladesh, a move that stirred discussions and concerns within the company.

Ben (Qian) Yi steps into the role, succeeding Syed Mostahidal Hoq, according to reliable sources. Currently serving as the chief business officer at Lazada, Alibaba‍‍`s esteemed Southeast Asian e-commerce platform operating in the Philippines, Yi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position.

Syed Mostahidal Hoq had been at the helm of Daraz Bangladesh since 2017, overseeing its growth and operations in the region.

The news of Yi‍‍’s appointment was disclosed during a town hall meeting held by Daraz today, demonstrating the company‍‍`s commitment to transparency and open communication with its employees.

Daraz Group, known for its presence in five countries including Bangladesh, continues its mission to innovate and serve the growing online market in the region.