Home Press Release Empowering Bangladesh’s IT Future: Lutfi Hayder Chowdhury Leads Smart BASIS Revolution

Empowering Bangladesh’s IT Future: Lutfi Hayder Chowdhury Leads Smart BASIS Revolution

Lutfi Hayder Chowdhury is an experienced professional with 19 years of immersion in the IT sector, is stepping into the forefront of change as he announces his candidacy for Director in the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). With a vision to propel essential transformations within the country’s IT landscape, Chowdhury is driven by a proactive ethos, recognizing the imperative nature of self-initiated actions in fostering significant shifts.

Through his extensive tenure in the field, Chowdhury has witnessed the ebb and flow of progress, noting both strides forward and setbacks encountered by the industry. While acknowledging the sector’s efforts to keep pace with global advancements, he identifies persistent challenges stemming from outdated policies and regulatory constraints, hindering Bangladesh’s IT potential.

Central to Chowdhury’s proposed agenda is the concept of Smart BASIS, a comprehensive roadmap aimed at breaking the inertia of outdated practices and policies, thereby catalyzing progress. This strategic framework encompasses several key pillars:

Emphasis on ITES Services: Chowdhury advocates for special attention to IT-enabled services, ensuring that initiatives can flourish to their full potential.

Tailored Policies and Initiatives: Recognizing the diverse nature of the IT domain, Chowdhury proposes the formulation of bespoke policies and initiatives for each sector, facilitating timely interventions and bolstering global competitiveness.

Market Safeguarding and Expansion: Chowdhury emphasizes the need to protect the local IT market while fostering expansion into both domestic and international arenas through strategic initiatives.

Addressing pressing concerns such as the complexities surrounding international payment platforms, Chowdhury calls for swift and effective measures, leveraging platforms like Facebook for nationwide promotion to assuage apprehensions among businesses and citizens.

As a candidate vying for the position of Director, Chowdhury pledges unwavering support to all BASIS affiliates in their pursuit of building a successful, efficient, and smart BASIS. He aims to elevate Bangladesh’s standing on the global stage through collaborative efforts, urging for support in the upcoming elections on May 8th, where he contests as an affiliate candidate under the Smart Team panel, bearing Ballot Number 01.

Lutfi Hayder Chowdhury’s candidacy represents a beacon of proactive leadership, poised to steer Bangladesh’s IT sector towards a brighter and more prosperous future.