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Future Corporate Leader: Mohammad Asif Anwar

Future Corporate Leader: Mohammad Asif Anwar

Mohammad Asif Anwar
Management Coordinator
KDS Logistics Ltd

Mohammad Asif Anwar is the dedicated Management Coordinator of KDS Logistics Ltd, a dynamic leader in the logistics industry. With a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to ensuring efficient operations, Mohammad Asif Anwar plays a pivotal role in overseeing and optimizing the company’s management processes. His strategic vision and hands-on approach make him an indispensable asset to the organization, driving success and innovation in the world of logistics.

Let’s learn about his journey.

The InCAP: Mr. Asif, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

Mr. Mohammad Asif Anwar: Certainly; my professional and academic path is marked by a profound eagerness for continuous learning and growth. The path is shaped by both formal education and practical experiences that have enriched my proficiency and skills in the sector I’m working at present.

The journey of my higher education began with a strong foundation in Marketing & HRM from North South University. I was fortunate to have excellent mentors who intrigued my curiosity and superb environment that helped me to explore various dimensions of my chosen field. I was eager to get in-depth knowledge of Marketing and Supply Chain after completion of my Undergrad. Hence, I pursued MBA in Marketing along with Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management right after my Undergrad degree to expand the boundaries of my academic reach and continue feeding my thrust for learning by allocating time for education besides my professional journey. Therefore, I further pursued courses such as Certified Supply Chain Manager, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Port & Shipping Studies, Team Building, Labor Law and PGDHRM, etc.

Nonetheless, I embarked on my professional journey and got my first exposure to the corporate world while working as an Intern for Grameenphone in the Global Sourcing department. Down the line, I’ve had the privilege of working full-time with prestigious organizations, including Rangs Motors Ltd., World Wide Logistics Inc. and KDS Logistics Ltd., performing different roles in realms of Corporate Sales, 3PL/Multimodal Transport Operations and presently Coordinating for Company’s Management. I received exposure to diverse challenges and perspectives through these experiences, enabling me to refine my expertise and adapt to evolving industry trends.

Learning is a continuous process. Being so, there can not be a limit to it.

Can you describe your role as a Management Coordinator at KDS Logistics Ltd and the primary responsibilities you handle?

KDS Logistics is an entity belonging and owned by KDS Group, which is a prestigious and renowned business/industrial conglomerate, established in Port City Chattogram. KDS Logistics is a purpose-built private ICD/Off Dock, working with Chattogram Port since 2008. The sector performs Import and export logistics functions connected to customer’s supply chain activities. It is having the highest throughput in terms of Export container handling and throughput since 2016.

My multifaceted role is integral to the company’s strategy formulation and delivery, involving comprehensive coordination with Management and handling Key Customers and Stakeholders. It entails fostering relationships with local and overseas Forwarders/Shipping Agents, onboarding new clients, and engaging in negotiations and Accounts Management.

The role extends to working closely with Key Accounts, handling queries, conducting analysis of Import/Export and transport performances, and delivering impactful Presentations and Project proposals to existing and new customers and with stakeholders alike.

Collaboration with various departments, including Operation, HR, Sales, Accounts and IT to keep coordination with Management’s views, this role is dedicated to enhancing the company’s future progress and development by keeping up to date with the Management’s preview and ensuring organic flow of information.

Can you please describe more about the private ICD/Off Dock Industry of Bangladesh and its impact in country’s growth?

Very little is spoken regarding private ICD/Off Dock industry in the mainstream media. The industry in a word is the supporting wing of Chattogram Port. Built out of the necessity to handle the Export & Import containers of the primary sea port. The industry primarily handles 95% of the Exports of the Country by facilitating Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents/ Main Line Operators with CFS facility for consolidation, Container storage at the Yard, Container handling Equipment along with in-house Customs Office and all necessary facilities.

At present there are 19 private ICD/Off Docks operating in Bangladesh. Private ICDs serve as regional hubs for the distribution of Containers among exporters/shippers and importers/consignees. At present they are well-connected to road networks, enabling seamless transportation of containers to various parts of the country and neighboring regions.

The private ICD/Off Dock industry has significantly contributed to the expansion of Bangladesh’s international trade by expanding the cargo handling capacity of Chattogram Port. Private ICDs facilitated Exports of 100% ready-made garments, textiles, and some portion of other products such as jute, medicines, packed food & beverage items, fresh produce, frozen fish etc., which are crucial drivers of the country’s economy.  There are certain 38 Import items that are also being delivered through private ICDs.

By reducing congestion and delays inside the Port, private ICDs have helped reduce the cost of doing business in Bangladesh. This cost-effectiveness has attracted foreign investment and boosted the competitiveness of Bangladeshi industries in the global market. The Private ICD/Off Dock facilities have created thousands of employment opportunities both directly and indirectly. From skilled labor at the facilities to transportation, logistics, and customs clearance personnel, this sector has generated jobs across various skill levels.

The development of ICDs has encouraged diversification in the country’s economy. It has facilitated the growth of industries beyond textiles, allowing Bangladesh to explore new export markets and reduce dependency on a single sector. These facilities have promoted regional trade by providing a convenient transshipment point for goods traveling to and from neighboring countries like India, Nepal, and Bhutan.


As a professional in Supply Chain/Logistics industry how do you prioritize the queries of your Key Accounts and keep customers informed in complex situations?

As a SCM professional, effectively prioritizing queries from Key Accounts and keeping customers informed in complex situations is crucial for maintaining strong customer relationships and ensuring the smooth operation of the supply chain. Here are some key strategies I prefer:

  • To set up clear and efficient communication channels with key accounts. Ensure the communication is reached in case of urgent inquiries or issues.
  • To utilize various communication tools, including email, phone, web portals and keep back up communication points in case key personnel is unreachable.
  • To categorize queries based on their urgency and impact, to determine which issues need immediate attention.
  • To always maintaining the SLAs with my Key Accounts.
  • To collaborate closely with other departments within the organization, such as Operation, Documentation and Customer Service to gather information and provide comprehensive responses to Key Account’s queries.
  • To keep customers informed through regular communications, even if there is no immediate resolution.
  • To identify root causes and areas for improvement in the processes. Use customer feedback to enhance service practices.
  • Also, to explore possibilities of new ways of doing things that could benefit both my company and the customer.

What strategies do you employ to ensure efficient coordination and communication among different teams within the organization?

Efficient coordination and communication among different teams within an organization are critical for achieving operational excellence and ensuring that everyone is aligned toward common goals. Here are some strategies I follow to ensure my communication channels are aligned:

  • Ensuring I understand the roles and responsibilities of each team within the organization for thorough communication.
  • Communicate and work with cross-functional teams whenever necessary, building bridges with different departments to work on specific projects/issues.
  • Ensure that every concerned team understands the customer query/demand. This alignment ensures focus on solution.
  • Always keeping abreast on the happenings to ensure on time to respond any queries by Management and other depts.
  • Always be eager to lend a hand when necessary.
  • Always be eager to learn new things.
  • Keeping in touch with personnel from different departments and third parties to keep good understanding for smooth coordination.

How do you stay organized and manage complex schedules or timelines in your role to coordinate with different stakeholders?

As a Management Coordinator and a Supply Chain Professional, staying organized and effectively managing complex schedules and timelines is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and coordinating with various stakeholders. Here are some strategies to help excel in this role:

  • Use of digital tools, i.e: digital notes, memos, reminders through calendar.
  • Communication tools, i.e: phone, messengers, outlook and other email platforms.
  • Ensuring that all apps & digital tools are synchronized across all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet).
  • Cloud storage helps getting any/all necessary docs anywhere and everywhere.
  • Ensure that Clients and stakeholders understand the expected outcomes and timelines associated with each task/query.
  • Avoid overcommitting by reserving focused work periods.
  • Delegate tasks to team members or colleagues when appropriate. Effective delegation not only lightens your workload but also fosters teamwork.
  • Schedule regular time for reviewing schedule and task list.
  • Continuously seek opportunities to improve time management and organizational skills through training, reading, or seeking advice from experienced colleagues and mentors.

Mr. Asif, please say something to the readers!

In the swiftly evolving and dynamic landscape of today’s business world, time is an unforgiving force. Investing precious moments in scrutinizing others based on their approaches, accomplishments, or setbacks is an unproductive pursuit. It is imperative that each individual position themselves as the protagonist in their own life’s narrative. Failing to do so leads to a perpetual cycle of waiting and wasting valuable time dwelling on other’s opinions.

Rather than mourning failure, it should be regarded as an invaluable opportunity for growth, a chance to refine one’s skill set in preparation for the next endeavor. In this contemporary era, the key to sustainability lies in one’s adaptability and openness to change. Rigidity should be reserved for the pursuit of goals, not resistance to adaptation.

For young professionals like us navigating the corporate arena, a steadfast eagerness to adapt and glean insights from their environment is essential. These lessons, when eventually applied, can yield optimal outcomes.

Quick Chat With Mohammad Asif Anwar

The greatest philosopher in your view:
Ibn Sina

Your Icon:
My Father

Name the most influential books you have read:

“Stepping Stones to Success” by Denis Waitley.

Your greatest fear:
Losing my concentration.

Best piece of advice you’ve received:

Almighty knows what’s best for you. Never lose hope if you fail and keep on trying.

You in only three words:

Focused, Methodic & Professional

Skill Set

  • Hard Skills: Sound Computer Knowledge, Presentation & Public Speaking, Marketing, Communication and Negotiation.

  • Soft Skills: Leadership, Forward Thinker, Time Management, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Quick learner.

Prayer For The Human Civilization: May Allah guide humanity towards the right path and bless us to overcome the differences among us.

The InCAP: Thank you, Mr. Mohammad Asif Anwar! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Mr. Mohammad Asif Anwar: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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