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HR Resplendence of Bangladesh

Sometimes we are skeptical about the capabilities of Bangladeshi employees in the worldwide corporate arena. Someone thinks, yes they are eligible but not yet fit for leading the international corporate world. But all the argument proved wrong when we received some Bangladeshi corporate professional’s portfolio like Mr. Zia.

Now we are introducing Mr. Zia, notice his professional mightiness with your vigilant mind and try to feel the power of Bangladeshi corporate personnel.


Mr. A K M Ziaul Amin, also known as nickname Zia. He is one of the individuals who have significant experiences in all aspects of Employee Relations, Recruitment, Organizational Development. Moreover HRIS, Labor Law and Policy Development as well as general HR experience in Telecommunication, FMCG and Group of industries with a reputation of fairness, integrity, problem‐solving, relationship‐building. Mr. Zia has an extraordinary capacity for work as well as strong communication skills and the knack for ‘getting the right things right’.

With over 18 years of experience in HR and general business strategy consulting and implementation, Zia has grappled with most pressing HR projects, including HRIS, grading and salary structure, talent management planning, outsourcing project management, HR transformation and global shared service, operational excellence, revamp of HR handbook and onboarding process, engage strategically HR functionality in business, campaign on open communication, integrity, and transparency as part of employee engagement program.

One of the key factors here is that Zia grew along with Banglalink (Telecom Company of Bangladesh) from the day he joined. From the few thousand subscribers that Banglalink had during the takeover from Sheba Telecom to today’s 32.8 million+ subscribers. Zia was HR Operations & Strategic Senior Manager while he left Banglalink Digital Communications Limited.

Zia has also worked on organizational transformation at Rangs Group as Head of Corporate HR & Admin, where he proposed on right skill set at the right place for improving operational efficiency alongside the development of HR policies and Code of Conduct.


Further to his career progression, Zia was chosen to join at Beximco Petroleum as General Manager in Human Resource Management considering his professional reputation, where he so far accomplished by introducing HR policies and standard operating procedure for effectiveness of the Organization, suggested new Organization Structure with decentralization objective for higher accountability accorded to the key players for a better regional performance and setup of Plant operation along with manpower budgeting and hiring all the personnel.

Recently, Zia has joined a leading autonomous body – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) as Additional Director – Head of Human Resources to develop their Human Resources functionality with the objectives of establishing ICAB as an Employer of Choice and enabling sustainable employee development in line with the Organizational Strategy.

Zia has completed a Masters in Human Resources Management from the University of Dhaka. His strong background in recruitment and employee relations has honed his skills and ability to think on his feet and to persevere, even in the face of adversity, as well as to build strong relationships and to find resolutions which meet the needs of both the business and the people in it.

Zia also enjoys time with his family, reading, the outdoors, and anything with two wheels that goes fast.


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