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Most Essential 10 Skills For Your Corporate Life


Normally, people have two types of skills; one Craftsmanship Skills and the other – Interpersonal Skills. While studying at University, we learn about the application of craftsmanship skills and its other aspects. In workplaces and universities, they are focusing on building up ‘Soft skill’ which we usually refer to as Interpersonal Skills. No matter how adept you are in your craftsmanship skills, you cannot become successful in your career without proper Interpersonal Skills.

1. Communication Skills

Having communication skills is absolutely necessary, regardless of what subject you are studying for or what subject you want to build a career on. Language skills, positive body language, storytelling skill, humorist, good listening skill, public speaking, interview skill, email-writing, and Speech-giving; these are things you should focus on learning as quickly as possible. Right from the start of your university-life you should focus on these skills and take initiatives to improve them. To increase your communication skills you can read the book, TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson. Always remember that you must be fluent in both – Mother tongue and the English language. English is preferred because it has global accessibility as a trade language. However, it is best to learn at lease 4/5 languages among academic life, otherwise within the first three years of your professional life.

2. Leadership Skills

Having leadership quality is a unique capability in any career. If you want to be a Manager or a Senior Officer, you must have leadership qualities. You must learn to work as a team, create leadership opportunities, exchange opinions, know how to tackle conflict, and business diplomacy. Another required quality fact is analyzing and controlling the operation of the team from far. If you read, Tom Rath’s “Strengths Finder 2.0” book, you will know what leadership qualities you have in yourself, and what do you need. In University life, you can improve your leadership skills by arranging Business Case Competitions, Hackathons, and many other events. Leadership can be developed through work in different organizations.

3. Professional Skills

By professional skills, we refer to- knowing how to manage an organization, interest in using technology, interest in researching, staying updated about world news, knowing business ethics, training and different aspects of customer care. If you have an idea about the professional skills from your uni-life, you will not find it difficult to get in your work-life. Read, Charles Duhigg’s book, “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” – to know about the different ways to deal with inertia.

4. Personal Skills Development

Your character is defined by how much of a positive person you are or how to handle when tough situations arise. Personal Skills we meant, Emotional Intelligence or Intellectual Impetus, Self-conscience, Controlling Emotions, Self-confidence, Vigor, and how much compassionate or friendly you are. You must seek out for the person you truly are and find out your weakness and win over them. ‘Emotional Intelligence 2.0’ by Travis Bradberry – this book will let you know all the creative ways you can improve your emotional intelligence and impetus.

5. Presenting Yourself

Accurately presenting yourself is also a skill itself. It’s not like you have to act like somebody you really aren’t. Instead, learn to use your strengths effectively to present yourself. It would be best if you do your own “Branding” in front of others.

6. Learn “Positive-Thinking”

How you think – gives us an impression of your skills. Think positive to do positive works. Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health which is scientifically proved. Practice overcoming negative self-talk. You must learn to think positively in every situation and spread the positivity amongst others as well. You can read Nobel Laureate (Economics) Daniel Kahneman’s book: “Thinking, Fast and Slow” to manifest your thinking power.

7. Creativity and Innovation

How much success you will achieve in your life depends on the creativity and innovation skills that you have. Brainstorming your ideas are linked to your creative power. Also, you could work with an experienced person to enrich your innovative skills. The thoughts that have enlighten you; do not keep them in your head but rather make use of it. This will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

8. Sensibility

Your sensibility is a tremendous asset in your life. Your sensitivity accounts for how quickly you cope up with failure or how you find the positive things out of losers. You must learn to control your emotions and channel it positively. You have to obtain this attitude through practice.

9. Troubleshooting And Decision Making

We like discussing problems. However, because of that, we tend to forget to find a solution to these problems. It would be best if you started learning to solve critical problems from your university life. To solve the problem, apply the math and logic techniques. It would help if you prioritized reasoning and reality instead of emotions while taking any decisions.

10. Eagerness to Learn

The most significant soft skill is the eagerness to learn and trying to put it into effect. After graduating from University, most of us become egoistic about ourselves; and we do not wish to learn new things by ourselves- remember, this is a Trap!

Once you start thinking of yourself as a wise man, your eagerness to learn new things will get destroyed. If you do not learn new things, you will not be able to make progress in your career or life. It would be best if you learned new things from everybody-regardless of their age. You never know what new things you might learn from someone. So, if your mind is not ready to learn new things, then you will never be able to move ahead.

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