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Promising Professional Person: Maruf Ahmed Munna

Promising Professional Person: Maruf Ahmed Munna

Maruf Ahmed Munna
Executive Group HR
Navana Group

Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna is an accomplished HR professional with a dedication to continuous learning and growth. He holds the position of Executive Group HR at Navana Group and has a track record of optimizing workforce efficiency, nurturing a positive organizational culture, and making a meaningful impact in the field of human resources. His expertise includes recruitment, talent management, data-driven HR practices, and strategic human resource initiatives. He is committed to excellence in HR practices and contributing to organizational success.

Let’s learn about his journey.

The InCAP: Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna: My professional journey has been characterized by a commitment to the field of Human Resources and a dedication to continuous learning and growth. After completing my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from North South University with a prestigious Magna Cum Laude distinction, I embarked on my career in HR. Prior to this, my formative years at Barishal Cadet College, marked by exceptional performances in both SSC and HSC, laid the foundation for my disciplined and dedicated approach to learning.

Over the past 2 years, I have gained invaluable experience working in HR roles at both Navana Group and City Group. These roles have allowed me to develop expertise in recruitment and selection, performance and talent management, data-driven HR practices, industrial relations, strategic human resource practices, etc. During my tenure at City Group, I played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of a cutting-edge HR Information System (HRIS). This system streamlined HR processes, resulting in a 30% reduction in manual administrative tasks. The newfound efficiency allowed us to reallocate resources to high-impact strategic HR initiatives, driving significant cost savings and improved operational effectiveness. As a key member of the talent acquisition team at Navana, I led a budgeting project where I properly fine-tuned the organogram after man-machine ratio analysis and it directly helped in establishing the HR budget of some flagship factories of Navana Group.

My professional and academic journey continues to be marked by a dedication to learning, growth, and making a meaningful impact in the field of human resources.

Can you please provide an overview of your role and responsibilities as the Executive Group HR of Navana Group?

As the Executive Group HR at Navana Group, I held a pivotal role in shaping and overseeing the organization’s human resources strategy. My responsibilities encompassed a wide spectrum of HR functions aimed at optimizing workforce efficiency and nurturing a positive organizational culture.

My primary role involved meticulously identifying and analyzing manpower requirements across various business units and aligning our talent acquisition strategies with the company’s growth objectives. I spearheaded our recruitment efforts by strategically advertising job openings on multiple virtual platforms, ensuring a broad candidate reach and visibility. My proficiency in candidate screening, CV management, and managing the entire recruitment process played a crucial role in attracting top talent to the organization. Facilitating the seamless onboarding and orientation of new employees was another cornerstone of my role. I took pride in acquainting them with our company’s policies and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose from day one. In addition to these core responsibilities, I undertook the critical task of preparing monthly reports, analyzing employee attendance, leaves, and overtime data, and providing valuable insights to drive informed decision-making. My expertise extended to producing and interpreting HR dashboards tailored to meet specific organizational requirements. Beyond these functions, I fostered cross-functional relationships, ensuring that managers and employees were well-connected, and I actively monitored employee progress, addressing any issues or grievances promptly. I also served as the point of contact regarding labor legislation issues and measured employee retention and turnover rates to fine-tune our talent retention strategies.

Overall, my role as the Executive Group HR at Navana Group was characterized by a commitment to excellence in HR practices, contributing to the organization’s growth, employee satisfaction, and sustained success.

How do you ensure that Navana Group attracts and retains top talent in a competitive job market?

At Navana Group, our approach to attracting and retaining top talent in a fiercely competitive job market centers on a multi-pronged strategy. We’ve diligently cultivated our employer brand, emphasizing our distinctive organizational culture and unwavering commitment to employee growth and development. Our recruitment process underwent a transformation, becoming agile, responsive, and focused on providing an exceptional candidate experience. We’ve harnessed the power of cutting-edge HR technology, utilizing AI-driven tools for candidate sourcing and selection, ensuring we identify the most qualified individuals swiftly. Additionally, our comprehensive onboarding programs, designed to immerse new employees in our values and vision, foster a sense of belonging from day one. Once talent joins our ranks, we prioritize their continued development through tailored learning and development initiatives. We’re committed to measuring our progress through regular feedback and performance assessments, ensuring our talent remains engaged and motivated. By nurturing an inclusive, forward-thinking, and supportive work environment, we have successfully positioned Navana Group as an employer where top talent not only aspires to join but also chooses to stay and grow.

Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna, Could you please share some key initiatives or programs aimed at employee development and career growth?

Navana Group places a strong emphasis on employee development and career growth. Some key initiatives include regular training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement pathways. We also provide opportunities for cross-functional learning and participation in challenging projects. Performance appraisals and feedback mechanisms are in place to identify areas for improvement and create tailored development plans. Moreover, some industry-recognized approaches have proven highly effective. Approaches like 360-degree feedback mechanisms provide comprehensive performance insights, aiding in personalized development plans. Employee resource groups (ERGs) dedicated to professional growth and diversity initiatives can further empower individuals to advance their careers while contributing to a more inclusive workplace. Lastly, well-structured succession planning ensures a talent pipeline, identifying and grooming high-potential employees for leadership roles. These initiatives collectively create an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and equipped with the tools needed for continuous growth and career advancement.

In your opinion, what are the most critical HR challenges faced by large conglomerates like Navana Group, and how do you address them?

Large conglomerates like Navana Group often face complex HR challenges, including talent acquisition and retention, talent development, and organizational agility. We address these challenges by employing data-driven HR strategies to identify and attract top talent, investing in comprehensive training and development programs, and fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability. Additionally, our HR team regularly collaborates with department heads to align HR practices with evolving business needs, ensuring that our workforce remains agile and responsive to industry trends and market dynamics.

What was your first job in life? How much was your first salary? What did you do with the first paycheck?

My first job was as a teacher in a coaching center. I received a salary of 8000 Taka for my work. As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for my mother’s support and encouragement throughout my life, I chose to gift the full amount of my first earnings to her. It was a meaningful way to express my love and acknowledge her unwavering support in my personal and professional journey.

Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna, please say something to the readers!

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your time and interest in my professional journey. As an HR professional, I have had the privilege of contributing to the growth and development of organizations and individuals alike. In this dynamic field, I’ve learned that success hinges not only on policies and processes but also on fostering a workplace culture that values each member of the team.

HR is not just about managing people; it’s about understanding their aspirations, nurturing their potential, and ensuring a harmonious work environment. It’s a journey of continuous improvement, where empathy, effective communication, and adaptability are paramount.

I encourage you to explore the world of HR, whether as practitioners, leaders, or individuals navigating their careers. Embrace the opportunity to create workplaces where talent thrives, and diversity and inclusion are celebrated. Together, we can shape a future where the human element is at the heart of every organization’s success.

Quick Chat With Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
One of the most outstanding achievements in my life to date has been the privilege of spending six formative years at Barishal Cadet College, where I not only received a quality education but also imbibed essential life lessons, values, and ethics. These years were enriched by the bonds I formed with my beloved 54 soulmates, shaping me into the individual I am today.

The greatest philosopher in your view:
In my view, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stands as a profound philosopher due to his teachings that encompass ethics, morality, and human conduct. His wisdom and guidance have influenced millions, emphasizing values of compassion, justice, and kindness. His profound impact on philosophy and his role as a moral exemplar make him a timeless figure of philosophical significance.

Your Icon:
I don’t have any particular icon, but I’ve been influenced by several exemplary professional leaders in the industry. I believe in learning from the diverse experiences and leadership styles of individuals who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.

Name the most influential books you have read:
The book- Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum written by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri.

Your greatest fear:
My greatest fear is not fully realizing my potential. I see it as a reminder to consistently strive for excellence and never settle for mediocrity.

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
The best piece of advice I’ve received is ‘Embrace change as an opportunity, not a threat.’ This has taught me to adapt to new situations with an open mind, view challenges as chances for growth, and approach every change, whether in my personal or professional life, as a stepping stone toward progress and improvement.

You in only three words:
Learner, Empathetic, Confident.

Skill Set

  • Hard Skills: Strategic HR Knowledge, Knowledge of Labor Law, Talent Acquisition, HRIS Management, Data Analysis, Talent Management.
  • Soft Skills: Strong & Effective Communication, Leadership, Empathy, Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Negotiation.

Prayer For The Human Civilization:

May our collective hearts be guided toward unity and empathy in the face of rising global challenges. Let us find the strength to combat poverty, climate change, and inequality, working together to create a world where every individual enjoys peace, prosperity, and dignity. May wisdom prevail in our leaders, and may our shared efforts foster a brighter, more harmonious future for all.

The InCAP: Thank you, Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Mr. Maruf Ahmed Munna: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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