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Promising Professional Person: Farhan Mahmud Raffi

Farhan Mahmud Raffi
Content Manager

Meet Farhan Mahmud Raffi, a dynamic Content Manager at Shikho, where he spearheads innovative strategies in educational content development. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for empowering learners, Farhan ensures that Shikho’s content remains not only informative but also engaging and relevant. Explore how his expertise is reshaping the future of online education.

Let’s learn about his journey.

Mr. Farhan Mahmud Raffi, please share your professional and academic peregrination for our readers!

I was born in Saudi Arabia, where my father held a government job. My early education began under the guidance of my mother. Living in Qunfudah City meant there were no English or Bangla medium schools available to me. Upon returning to Bangladesh, I enrolled in Dhaka Residential Model College. The primary draw was its expansive playing fields, a rarity in Dhaka schools. I spent my academic years there, from Class Three to Twelve, and the institute left a profound influence on my life.

After completing my HSC, I pursued higher education at the Military Institute of Science & Technology, specializing in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. My passion for discipline led me to this choice for my university studies. Throughout my time at the institute, I actively participated in extracurricular activities. Initially involved in Cultural and Robotics clubs, I eventually focused solely on the MIST Photographic Society (MISTPS), serving as its President in 2018. In this role, I organized national exhibitions, intra-exhibitions, and workshops.

During my fourth year, I developed a keen interest in skill-related organizations and engaged in numerous workshops. These experiences enriched my understanding of leadership, project management, and corporate dynamics. To further expand my knowledge, I served as a Facilitator at the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC), participating in Career Expo-2020. This opportunity provided insights into the job market, employer expectations, and the needs of leading companies in Bangladesh, which proved invaluable for my future career.

My professional journey began at Shikho, where I started as a Subject Matter Expert and eventually progressed to the role of Content Manager. Over time, I earned two promotions and currently oversee the planning, design, and execution of all educational resources delivered to students, ensuring top-notch quality in collaboration with my team.

As the Content Manager at Shikho, could you share some strategies you employ to ensure the quality and relevance of the educational content provided to users?

At the heart of Shikho’s mission lies the aspiration to democratize high-quality education. Through the delivery of top-tier learning materials in Bengali via smartphones, Shikho endeavors to empower millions of students by offering accessible and personalized learning experiences. We aim to revolutionize education in Bangladesh through the transformative power of technology.

As the Content Manager at Shikho, ensuring the quality and relevance of our educational content is paramount. Our vision is re Our approach is centered around meticulous market research, which serves as the foundation of our content creation process. By thoroughly understanding the needs and preferences of our audience, we tailor our educational materials to resonate with them effectively.One key aspect of our strategy is our continuous engagement with our students, who play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our content. We actively seek and value their feedback, considering them as indispensable members of our team. By closely monitoring their behaviors and preferences, we gain valuable insights into their evolving interests and learning patterns.

We pay particular attention to tracking trends among our students, observing how they engage with different topics and formats. This insight allows us to adapt our content strategy dynamically, ensuring that we remain responsive to their evolving needs and preferences. Whether it’s adjusting the depth of coverage on certain subjects or exploring innovative teaching methodologies, we plan our content strategy based on real-time feedback and data.

Furthermore, we emphasize a multidisciplinary approach, drawing insights not only from educational theory but also from fields such as psychology, neuroscience, and data science. This holistic perspective enables us to craft content that not only informs but also engages and inspires our learners.

In summary, our commitment to excellence in teaching and content creation at Shikho revolves around rigorous market research, active student engagement, and a multidisciplinary approach. By staying attuned to the needs and preferences of our audience, we ensure that our educational content remains relevant, impactful, and of the highest quality.

In the rapidly evolving field of online education, how do you stay ahead of trends and ensure that Shikho’s content remains innovative and engaging for learners?

In the dynamic landscape of online education, staying ahead of trends is essential for Shikho to maintain its position as an innovative and engaging platform for learners.

Firstly, we prioritize continuous market research, actively monitoring industry developments, emerging technologies, and shifts in learner preferences.

Secondly, our team and also the teachers fosters a culture of creativity and experimentation, encouraging the exploration of new teaching methodologies and content formats.

Thirdly, we brainstorm with our teachers to gain insights and access to cutting-edge resources.

Fourthly, we leverage data analytics and user feedback to identify emerging trends and areas for improvement, allowing us to adapt our content strategy proactively.

We also stay attuned to global socio-economic and cultural trends, enabling us to tailor our content to resonate with diverse audiences. Not only that we also prioritize user-centric design principles, ensuring that our platform and content delivery mechanisms are intuitive and engaging for learners of all backgrounds. Here we foster a vibrant online community where learners can collaborate, share insights, and participate in co-creation initiatives, driving engagement and fostering a sense of belonging. Lastly, we maintain an agile approach to content development, allowing us to swiftly adapt to changing market dynamics and learner needs, thereby ensuring that Shikho remains a leading destination for innovative and engaging online education.

In your opinion, what are the most effective strategies for leveraging social media and digital marketing channels to promote educational content and grow Shikho’s user base?

As edtech market is still growing, and it’s a huge market to catch, we are trying different and innovative ways to promote our educational content and courses. When leveraging social media and digital marketing channels to promote educational content and grow Shikho’s user base, several effective strategies come into play.
Customizing content for each platform is crucial. What works on Facebook might not perform as well on Instagram or another medium. By tailoring content to the specific characteristics and demographics of each platform’s audience, we maximize engagement and reach. Here maintain a consistent brand identity across all digital channels, which helps to build trust and recognition among our audience. From our messaging tone to our visual elements, consistency reinforces Shikho’s presence and reinforces our brand values.

Most importantly, actively engaging with our audience through comments, messages, and discussions fosters a sense of community around our educational content. By responding to inquiries, soliciting feedback, and encouraging user-generated content, we cultivate a loyal and engaged user base. Here we are continuously analyzing data and metrics allows us to refine our digital marketing strategies for optimal results. Curating and sharing valuable educational content from reputable sources not only positions Shikho as a knowledge hub but also helps to attract and retain followers interested in learning. By providing value beyond our own content, we establish trust and authority within the education community.

Looking ahead, what do you envision as the biggest opportunities and challenges for Shikho in the coming years, and how do you plan to contribute to its continued success as Content Manager?

The biggest opportunities for Shikho lie in expanding our reach to underserved communities and embracing emerging technologies for enhanced learning experiences. However, with growth comes challenges, such as maintaining quality amidst scalability and staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving educational landscape. As Content Manager, I plan to address these by ensuring our content remains relevant, engaging, and accessible, while also spearheading innovative strategies to navigate future challenges and seize growth opportunities.

How do you approach content localization and adaptation to cater to diverse linguistic and cultural audiences, while maintaining a consistent brand voice for Shikho?

There’s a plethora of knowledge resources scattered across the internet, but none offer what Shikho does for Bangladeshi students. Our platform not only provides Live Classes but also boasts the largest library of unique animated videos, totaling over 4500 for SSC and HSC subjects. After attending live sessions, students can reinforce their learning by revising topics through these videos, catering to visual learners. Additionally, our platform offers comprehensive exams, including both multiple-choice and creative questions. With our affordable pricing, Shikho aims to be the one-stop solution for students, aligning with our vision to democratize education in Bangladesh. We’re committed to serving the Bangladeshi community by staying true to their culture while maintaining a consistent brand voice for Shikho.

Mr. Farhan Mahmud Raffi, please say something to the readers!

Make mistakes, Learn from it but never stop.

Quick Chat with Farhan Mahmud Raffi

The most outstanding achievement of your life as of now:
Being part of an innovative educational platform that revolutionizes access to quality learning in Bangladesh, which I felt the need while I was a student.

The greatest philosopher in your view:
Rene Descartes

Your Icon:
Fazlur Rahman Khan ( He is known as Einstein of Structural Engineering for his extraordinary contribution to building high raised buildings around the world)

Name the most influential books you have read:
The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
Learn from others mistakes.

You in only three words:
Determined, Curious, Capable.

Skill Set:

Hard Skills:

Strategic Planning, Project Management, Data Analysis, Operations Management, Communication Skills, Risk Management.

Soft Skills:

Emotional Intelligence, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Teamwork and Collaboration, Time Management.

Prayer For The Human Civilization:
May humanity embrace compassion, wisdom, and unity, fostering a world of harmony, progress, and peace.

The InCAP: Thank you, Mr. Farhan Mahmud Raffi! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Farhan Mahmud Raffi: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you

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