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Promising Professional Person: Syeda Zinath Tasnim

Introducing Syeda Zinath Tasnim, a distinguished executive at Thai Airways International, renowned for her exceptional leadership and expertise in the aviation industry. With a proven track record of driving innovation and achieving remarkable results, Syeda Zinath Tasnim brings a wealth of experience to her role. As an integral member of the Thai Airways team, she is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and upholding international standards of excellence. Her strategic vision and commitment to excellence make her a standout professional in the field. Explore how Syeda Zinath Tasnim is shaping the future of aviation with her visionary leadership and unparalleled dedication.

I have graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from East Delta University. Following my academic journey, I ventured into the captivating world of the travel industry by joining the esteemed Flamingo Tours and Travel Ltd. in Chittagong. There, I immersed myself in various roles for one and a half years, fueled by a deep fascination for the airlines and travel sector. Currently, I serve as an Executive in the Reservation and Ticketing Department at Thai Airways International Airlines under Air Galaxy Ltd (GSA). Although my academic background lies in computer science, my passion for the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of aviation has been a driving force in my professional journey. I’m thrilled about the opportunities and growth that lie ahead in this exciting industry.

In my role at Thai Airways International, challenges are inherent, ranging from meeting customers’ and agencies’ critical destination queries to occasional flight cancellations, flights getting grounded, and sudden changes in flight capacity due to changes in aircraft configuration. These scenarios demand quick thinking, effective communication, and collaborative problem-solving. For instance, during unforeseen circumstances such as a flight being canceled due to fog, passengers & travel agencies start getting panic since some passengers may need to reach their destination urgently or have onward connection. In that time, I have consistently demonstrated resilience by promptly addressing customer concerns, providing clear information, and adapting to changes in real-time. Additionally, dealing with sudden alterations in flight capacity which usually known as wide-body or narrow-body aircraft requires agility and coordination to ensure a smooth transition where we might need to off-board some passengers if the aircraft configuration changes from wide-body to narrow-body, also shift business class passengers to the premium economy which created a critical situation for me once to convince some business class passengers to adjust with a premium economy class that holds all the facility of business class except the seat structure. In that situation me and my team calmly and patiently made them understand, had a clear conversation, and successfully convinced them. These experiences have reinforced the importance of adaptability and teamwork in navigating challenges within the dynamic aviation industry.

In my executive role, adeptly managing multiple tasks simultaneously requires a strategic approach. I begin by assessing each task based on its urgency and impact, categorizing them to form a prioritized list. This helps in creating a detailed schedule and utilizing task management tools to streamline workflows and track progress efficiently. Regular check-ins with the team are essential for maintaining clear communication and identifying any potential roadblocks early on. Furthermore, my approach emphasizes adaptability to navigate unforeseen challenges. For example, if a flight gets grounded due to fog and the offloaded passengers start to create chaos that they need to go to their destination immediately and won’t move without a confirmed ticket. But the next flights are fully loaded and the grounded flights were also fully loaded, in that situation first I will make all the passengers calm and then I will prioritize those passengers whose visa or passport validity is going to expire the very next day. After that, I will convince other passengers to consider the critical situation and fly the next day. In this way having contingency plans in place allows for quick adjustments when needed, which ensures that I can handle unexpected situations while maintaining the overall efficiency of task management.

In the ever-evolving airline industry, my strategy for staying informed about trends involves a multifaceted approach. I consistently engage in industry publications, seminars, and professional networks to gain diverse insights. Internally, fostering open communication ensures a shared understanding of industry dynamics within the team.

To fortify our strategic planning, we harness the power of advanced analytical tools, including both PESTLE analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). This dual analytical framework allows us to comprehensively assess both external factors impacting our operations and internal capabilities. PESTLE analysis aids in understanding macro-environmental influences, while SWOT analysis delves into our strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats in the market.

By combining external insights with internal collaboration and employing these analytical methodologies, Thai Airways International is well-equipped to make informed decisions and proactively navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the dynamic aviation landscape. This holistic strategy ensures that we not only stay competitive but also maintain adaptability in response to industry shifts.

As an executive, fostering effective communication and collaboration in our diverse and dynamic work environment is a priority. I achieve this by doing open culture practice which has been introduced by our head in-charge of my station that encourages team members to share ideas and concerns. Leveraging modern communication tools and platforms facilitates real-time collaboration, while clear expectations and defined roles contribute to accountability. Cultural sensitivity training enhances understanding, and regular team-building activities build camaraderie. Additionally, feedback mechanisms ensure continuous improvement, creating an environment where effective communication and collaboration are integral to our success.

While I wasn’t directly present in the airline industry during the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve gathered valuable insights from colleagues regarding the challenges and adaptations faced by Thai Airways International. As an executive in reservation and ticketing, my role involves contributing to the ongoing efforts to steer the airline through these unprecedented challenges.

The global impact of events like the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the aviation sector, leading to a decrease in passenger occupancy and substantial disruptions to normal operations. Colleagues have shared experiences of the airline facing unforeseen circumstances, including financial strains and operational constraints.

In response to these challenges, the focus has been on strategic adaptations, financial restructuring, and transparent communication. They emphasized the importance of maintaining resilience and flexibility in the face of evolving circumstances. This collaborative effort aims not only at immediate survival but also at positioning Thai Airways International for long-term sustainability and success.

Though I joined the airline industry after the initial impact of COVID-19, I understand the critical role that reservation and ticketing executives play in adapting to unforeseen circumstances. My role involves easing passengers by assuring them that they can reach their desired destination within the given time and also drawing upon the experiences and lessons shared by colleagues, contributing to ongoing strategies, and ensuring that the reservation and ticketing department aligns seamlessly with the broader efforts to navigate these challenges successfully.

Dear readers, in a world filled with constant information, your curiosity and interest are truly appreciated.

Bangladesh’s aviation sector is experiencing rapid expansion. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% from 2019 to 2024, this market is expected to reach $7.27 billion in size. There is no faster-growing industry in Bangladesh than the aviation industry.

So Explore a World of Opportunities in Tourism and Aviation!

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Also I want to take a moment to shed light on the significance of working as a travel agent. In our country, this role might not always receive the recognition it deserves, but it serves as a crucial foundation for the aviation industry. Being a travel agent is not something to shy away from; it’s a profession that plays a pivotal role in connecting people, facilitating journeys, and contributing to the dynamic world of travel. Every booking made, every itinerary crafted, and every traveler assisted is an integral part of the aviation ecosystem. So, whether you’re in this field or considering it, know that your work holds value and importance. Let’s appreciate the unsung heroes who make travel dreams a reality.

Happy Travelling!!

Quick Chat With Syeda Zinath Tasnim

My most outstanding achievement is how fast I have adapted my role as an executive of an airline from being a travel agent where the way of work was very different and was appreciated. This proves my dedication and hard work.

The greatest philosopher in your view:

Jalal-Ad-Din-Muhammad Rumi. His philosophy was based on Sufism and mysticism. From many of his quotes my favorites are: “Until you’ve found the fire inside yourself, you won’t reach the spring of life.” & “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”

Your Icon:

My parents are my Icon.

Name the most influential books you have read:

Hajar Bochor Dhore by Zahir Raihan.

Your greatest fear: Voidness in life

Best piece of advice you’ve received:
Once a person said to me that “Don’t get upset for where you are now, see around you! some are dreaming to be in the place where you stand. So live the life fully at present, what future holds no one knows.”

You in only three words:

Joyful, Hardworking, Positive

Skill Set:

● Hard Skills:

MS Office, Email, Networking, PHP with Laravel framework, Word Press, Web Design, Canva, Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo

● Soft Skills:

Ability to quickly assess the customer’s need.

Quick Problem-Solving.

Good managerial and organizational skills.

Strong Communication ability.

Team Working & Hard working mentality.

Able to learn instructions as well as implement them quickly and effectively.

Willingness to learn new things and accept any challenges irrespective of their complexity.

The InCAP: Thank you, Ms. Syeda Zinath Tasnim! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Ms. Syeda Zinath Tasnim: It’s my pleasure! Wishing you all the best, and thank you for your kind words.

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