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Trade War 2020: Editor’s Lens


Honorable and beloved readers, we are incredibly pleased to get you besides The InCAP.

We are accenting with exultation that our readership is growing tremendously. At the same time, our entire team absorbs the fame by their unflinching development and worthy sense of responsibility. Obviously, all credit goes to all of you, who are the vitality of our magazine. Indeed it’s not possible to be here without your selfless love, exemplary support, and firm trust towards The InCAP. Thank you!

Trade War – it’s not a lovely phrase, but the reality is the ultimate truth, so we cannot ignore these bitter words. We all know the world is not in a great situation. In fact, we are facing an ugly world, where domination becomes standard practice, and powerful’s persecution is going on against the weak only just with some tactical changes.

However, trade war actually refers to a conflict resulting from protectionism, where states increase or create new tariffs, leading to restrictions in international trade. A tariff is a tax that a country imposes on its imports. One country may increase the tariffs making other countries to retaliate in the same way.

When trade war escalates, it negatively affects the economies of other nations. It can also lead to political tension between the two countries or more.

In this issue, we have tried to do a thorough analysis along with trade investigate amid some trade-leading countries. We have found out remarkable problems, tried to give logical solutions, and thrown some trade predictions also. In the end, I have to concur that the year 2020 is a cold age to deal with.

Let’s pray for a sound world.

Stay happy, stay tuned with The InCAP. I wish you the best!

Nasrin Nahar Jeneva


 The InCAP

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