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Corporate Genius: Rony Riad Rashid

We, the people are always looking for the impulse in real life to encourage our thought process and seek inspiration from ingenious individuals. Almost...

Sharpen Your Arms

Sometimes we are getting frustrated about job purpose and desperately try to find out the wrong factors. We think about our CGPA, smartness, even...

Why Don’t You Get a Job?

Rejection, unfortunately, features in many job hunts. Even with a strong CV and great interview technique, you can still miss out on opportunities in...

The Amazing Science of Grapho Analysis

Did you know that our minds have a direct connection with the way we write? Grapho Analysis is the science of studying a person’s handwriting...

Mishkat Sabrina: Fashion Designer With Her Own Fashion

Many of us want to be an entrepreneur, but very few can make it happen. Mishkat is one of those few successful people, who...