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Mishkat Sabrina: Fashion Designer With Her Own Fashion


Many of us want to be an entrepreneur, but very few can make it happen. Mishkat is one of those few successful people, who is the Founder and CEO of a renowned fashion boutique house named ‘My Closet‘. She thyself is an attire designer, so it’s offhand to understand how fashion sensible she is!

Now be gnostic with Ms. Mishkat Sabrina by her words.

Career Synopsis: I have started my career as an entrepreneur of “My Closet” (a fashion boutique house) and took it as a challenge because I know I’m hard-working, smart, innovative, willing to take risks, and good with individuals. I know the possibilities in entrepreneurship are endless, the rewards can be high, and the risks are undoubtedly high too. However, I have a strong focus on my goal where nothing can stop me.

Life Lived: When I wake up in the morning, I start my day having a cup of coffee in my hand and plans about what I am going to do in the next 24 hours. It includes waking up my little son from the bed, household activities like cooking, cleaning the entire house, arranging all the necessary stuff, manage time to drop by my showroom, etc.

Passion: I am very much passionate about designing innovative attires.

Most Preferred Clothing Costume: My most preferred clothing costume is Salwar Kameez. However, sometimes I wear western dresses as well.

Habit and Hobby: Listening to Music whenever I get time. Adding with I love Cooking and Roaming different places.

Favorite Brands:

Clothing – Gucci

Watch – Rolex

Sunglass – Rayban

Perfume – Ja’dore, Dior

Phone – Samsung

Favorite Author: Humayun Ahmed and Rabindranath Tagore

Favorite Book: Da Vinci Code, Mrinmoyee

Favorite Holiday place: Bali, Dubai, Bangkok

Favorite Dish: Biriyani

My Motivation: Life is guaranteed to have its ups and downs, so keep smiling, keep your heap up and never stop trying.

I’m in three words: RELIABLE, PASSIONATE, and DEDICATED.

Childhood Dream: I wanted to be a traveler in my childhood.

The Three Things That I Cannot Live Without: Phone, Coffee, My daily medicine (Thyrox).


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