The Amazing Science of Grapho Analysis

I-O Psychology Affects Directly On Organization’s

Did you know that our minds have a direct connection with the way we write?

Grapho Analysis is the science of studying a person’s handwriting traits and analyzing his/her character in detail through the stokes in the written text.

The science of Grapho Analysis goes back to around 2000 BC in the times of Aristotle, when he discovered the relation between the human mind and their handwriting.

The popularity of Grapho Analysis picked up only a few decades ago when this science started getting widely accepted as an aid in recruitments, guidance to students/teachers/parents, career counseling and last but not the least, self-improvement.

Almost every trait and unique aspects of one’s personality can be deciphered through this analysis:

  • Intelligence

  • Keenness to learn

  • Friendliness

  • Loyalty

  • Emotional chart

  • Frankness or Secretiveness

  • Determination and Enthusiasm

  • Self-confidence

  • Short-tempered or cool

  • Egoistic

  • Sensitive

  • Organizing Ability

  • Engineering Ability

  • Creativity & Imagination Power

  • Initiative level

  • Ambition

  • Will-power

  • Dishonesty

  • Greed

  • Concentration power

  • Precision

  • Independence

  • Resentment & many more…..

Analysis of human character is just the first part, most important and interesting is GRAPHO THERAPY…… It is a scientific method used to enhance the Positive traits effectively and overcome the Negative traits, none other than by making simple changes in the strokes of one’s handwriting.

The results are simply amazing… you start experiencing the desired changes and improvements in about 2-3 weeks by diligently practicing the necessary strokes for just 5-10 minutes a day!!!

Exclusive examples will published in the next article. Remember, traits considered individually do not have much relevance. Entire traits as a combination depict the true personality of a person.







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