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BD PM Sheikh Hasina Urged For An End to Russia-Ukraine War

BD PM Sheikh Hasina Called For An End to Russia-Ukraine War
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Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for an end to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia to resolve the global crisis. At the same time, he called for an end to all arms races, wars, and sanctions to free the entire humanity from suffering. The Prime Minister made this call in his speech at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 23, 2022, afternoon local time in New York. As always, this time, he also gave a speech in Bengali. This is Sheikh Hasina’s 19th speech at the UN General Assembly session. The article is about BD PM Sheikh Hasina Urged For An End to Russia-Ukraine War.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said we want an end to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. However, counter-sanctions, women, children, and the entire human race are punished by punishing a country through sanctions. Its impact is not only limited to one country, but the livelihood of all people falls into a great crisis. Human rights are violated, and people are deprived of food, shelter, and medical education. Children especially suffer more. Their future is lost in darkness.

Ms. Sheikh Hasina said I want to ensure a peaceful world, developed and prosperous life for the next generation. My plea, stop the war, the arms race. Human values ​​should be uplifted. Let’s take everyone together and work hand in hand to build a better future. Pointing out that dialogue is the best way to resolve conflicts, the Prime Minister said war or economic sanctions and counter-sanctions like hostility can never bring prosperity to any nation. Dialogue is the best way to resolve crises and disputes.

Sheikh Hasina thanked the UN Secretary-General for forming the ‘Global Crisis Response Group’ to overcome the crisis and said, as a champion of this group, I am working with other world leaders to determine a global solution commensurate with the gravity of the current situation and the depth of the crisis.

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