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Career Plan: A Smoggy Haze

Career Planning is like a labyrinth to many of us. But it just needs proper Guidance, Knowledge, and Self-confidence to remove the smoggy haze about Career.

Career is as like as a life expedition where one has nonstop movement among diverse challenges and liability levels. The conception of career is a great deal and multipart.

Most of the established people think that there are five stages of Career Development, which are:

(A) Professional choice and grounding of work

(B) Organizational entrance

(C) Near the beginning career

(D) Mid-career

(E) Late career

In non-technical term, career is the totality of concerted activities which brings combinedly financial, material and economic prosperity to hold the life appositely.

In literal meaning, the term ‘Career’ means to fix a decision for rolling the life comfortably for one who can pass the day confidently. Making a decision to have a job or being included in a multinational organization or into public service may be defined as a career for the modern perspective of viewpoint. But to gain individual prosperity through any means in this society the word “CAREER” refers actually and these means can be both financial and material.

In this regard, making a decision is depended upon the definition of the act which one is going to choose for one’s individual prosperity that means Career as well. In choosing acts as the decision of making a flexible career, people have to be concerned as if they could not generate this decision flawed. Because the decision which has to be taken is a response to a question, concern, and problem. And a career decision must be made with a great carefulness as though they can progressively influence their act of direction, individual satisfaction and proper fulfillment of life for current time and future. And if anyone can be able to make a self-belief that really a decision choosing has been fixed then that career planner is a success for having the fittest career as the success of career is the accumulation of financial and material with the advanced care of decision.

In a compressed word ‘CAREER’ refers to the progress or actions taken throughout the lifetime by an individual which intensively related to that person’s livelihood. In these days, Universities, in cooperation public and private, play a vital role in creating a group of vastly educated and skilled specialists who are the well concerned about ‘What is Career’.

Career Plan – The InCAP

In Bangladeshi career field mainly the health service, economic, industrialized, and telecommunication fields are the leading job-hubs. In the present days here career planning in the private sector is to a great extent and more paying attention to marketplace requirements.

Alternatively, career planning in the public sector is a practice for better services with better staff. In this country, public service career is more lasting but less innovative. The career in the private sector in recent time is more preferable than public sector because here anyone can swiftly develop the personal status such as bank and other economic field give home loan and many modern financial amenities. Besides these, if anybody thinks to grow private farm, one can develop their own stature as well as create other more opportunities for others to support them to have a good job as a career.

So a career gives both side opportunities to the person who creates and to them who are involved in. No more confusion, you just find to know your exact place and keep getting your fishhook, but Do Not scroll your eyes.

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