Home Misc Celebrating Puja in Vibrant Colors: A Divine Affair

Celebrating Puja in Vibrant Colors: A Divine Affair

Celebrating Puja in Vibrant Colors: A Divine Affair

In Bengal, Sharat isn’t just a season; it’s a time of joy, celebration, and mirth as Ma Durga arrives amid boundless pomp and circumstance. Her presence signifies countless emotions and situations— the triumph over evil, rebirth, the victory of light over darkness, strength, protection, peace, prosperity, and harmony. It’s no wonder that the entire Bengal region celebrates this auspicious occasion with unwavering enthusiasm.

White and Red: The Divine Duo
Being adorned in white infuses one with freshness and beauty, but when paired with red, the queen of colors, it elevates to signify divinity in its purest form. Red embodies strength, energy, beauty, and glory, all of which resonate with Ma Durga’s characteristics. A “shada shari laal paar” is not merely an ensemble but a beacon of faith in the divine deity’s might, a way to embrace her qualities.

The Perfect Attire: Jamdani in “Ek Peach”
A Jamdani in this combination is perhaps the best attire to don during Puja festivities. Wear it traditionally in “ek peach” style, with a neat low bun or a “haath khopa” adorned with fragrant “beliful er mala.”

Accessorize with Elegance
Complete your look with a gold choker, jhumka, and kaan taana. Don’t forget the “kaach er churi” and a “laal teep,” as these are essential finishing touches. Red lips perfectly complement this attire, along with fresh skin and winged eyeliner. Enhance your lashes with oodles of mascara for a flirty, long-lashed look.

Celebrating with a Kaleidoscope of Colors
Durga Puja celebrations are steeped in hues as vibrant as the beats of dhol and madol! Just like the magnificent flowers in abundant bloom during this season, embrace marigold yellow, hibiscus red, lotus pink, and shiuli stalk orange with gusto.

Draped in Vivid Hues
Choose a pink silk, an orange taant, a red toshor, or parrot green tontuj to celebrate in style. Fresh flowers make for the best hair accessory during this festive time, along with glass bangles in bright, beautiful colors. And what’s a Bengali belle without her smoky, kohled eyes, dewy, dusky skin, and soft, nude lips?

Durga Puja is a festival rendered in all the colors of the rainbow. As you celebrate, let these vibrant colors be a reflection of the joy, spirituality, and cultural richness of this auspicious occasion. May your Puja be a dazzling display of devotion and style.


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