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Corporate Genius: Swati Chakrabarty

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Swati Chakrabarty
Director Operations, Candid Communication
Director, EduGlobal

Swati Chakrabarty is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in marketing, communication, and public relations. With over 12 years of experience, she has proven herself as a corporate genius in her field. Currently serving as the Director of Operations at Candid Communication and the Director of EduGlobal, Swati has excelled in networking and building valuable connections throughout her career.

Raised in a small township, Swati developed a penchant for unconventional ideation from a young age. Her ability to think outside the confines of conventional norms has been instrumental in her success in the corporate world. She believes that experiential knowledge, hard work, and a distinctive cognitive approach are essential elements for achieving success.

Let’s learn about his journey.

The InCAP: Can you please share with us your professional background and the key experiences that have shaped you into the corporate genius you are today?

Swati Chakrabarty: Presently, I hold the esteemed position of Director of Operations at Candid Communication, while concurrently assuming the role of Director for EduGlobal. With an extensive professional tenure spanning over a period of 12 years, my expertise has flourished in the domains of marketing, communication, and public relations. However, it is within the realm of networking that I have truly honed my indispensable proficiency.

Having been raised in a small township, my formative years were characterized by a penchant for unconventional ideation. From childhood until the present day, I have consistently exhibited a propensity for thinking outside the confines of conventional norms. In the realm of the corporate world, the acquisition of experiential knowledge, diligent labor, and a distinctive cognitive approach constitute indispensable elements for achieving success.

As a corporate genius, what motivates and inspires you to consistently achieve outstanding results in your field?

In order to attain any objective, it is imperative to possess the inclination to surpass one’s own expectations. However, within my professional domain, the pursuit of success necessitates the possession of a favorable reputation in the industry. I have consistently upheld and nurtured this favorable reputation both personally and for my enterprises. I have continuously adjusted my approach in accordance with market dynamics and remained committed to diligent efforts. If one is unable to achieve their desired goals within the anticipated timeframe or lacks the necessary motivation, the journey towards those goals becomes arduous. During such periods, it is essential to exhibit patience, unwavering self-belief, and a resilient positive mindset in order to persevere and accomplish the required tasks.

How do you approach problem-solving and decision-making in complex corporate environments? Can you provide an example of a challenging situation you faced and how you navigated through it?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the market experienced a significant downturn across various sectors, including our own. The prevailing circumstances were characterized by widespread struggle and intense challenges. Employment opportunities dwindled, as organizations perceived hiring as a potential liability during this phase. In light of these circumstances, we proposed a remarkable initiative to one of our existing clients, known as the Idea-O-Meter, an ingenious online crowd-funding platform that facilitates students and graduates in sharing their innovative ideas and securing financial support. This platform not only generates job prospects but also fosters entrepreneurship.

The conception of the Idea-O-Meter stemmed from our recognition of social responsibility and our commitment to assisting individuals in times of dire need. To endure the pandemic, it became imperative to devise unique solutions that effectively address real-world problems. In order to promote this platform, we initiated a digital public relations campaign, organized hybrid mode events, and provided comprehensive digital coverage. These efforts were undertaken at a time when other companies had yet to envision what we had already accomplished, thereby establishing a pioneering path for others in Kolkata. As previously stated, thinking outside the box is essential for thriving in demanding and high-pressure situations.

In your opinion, what are the essential qualities or skills that differentiate a corporate genius from others in the industry?

In order to establish oneself as distinct, it is imperative to adopt a divergent mode of thinking, bolstered by a resolute mindset aimed at attaining objectives, as well as possessing exceptional acumen for resolving complex issues. By this, I do not simply refer to conventional problem-solving skills, but rather a profound ability to navigate intricate challenges with the astuteness of a seasoned strategist, fortified by an air of shrewdness and self-assurance. Furthermore, I opine that assuming a personal stake in one’s endeavors can serve as a catalyst for enhanced performance. While the aforementioned aspects merely scratch the surface, the essence of the matter lies in the proposition that it is preferable to embody versatility across multiple domains rather than confining oneself to mastery in a solitary pursuit.
As a corporate genius, how do you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate future trends and changes in the business landscape?

I perpetually maintain a vigilant ear attuned to the market, ensuring my mental preparedness to adapt to any conceivable changes. Furthermore, I am inclined to assert that nurturing both personal and professional connections is invariably advantageous during tumultuous periods. By consistently opting to remain informed and transcend the confines of my customary abilities, I endeavor to consistently stay ahead of the market.

Can you share an instance where you successfully implemented an innovative solution or strategy that had a significant impact on your organization’s success?

In the year 2017, I embarked upon a venture in the realm of education, establishing a company named Eduglobal. This enterprise serves as an educational consultancy, dedicated to offering comprehensive aid to students pursuing studies abroad through complimentary counseling sessions. Eduglobal excels in presenting the finest career prospects and universities, accompanied by all-encompassing, erudite, and professional support. We extend our educational consultancy services on a global scale, catering to the needs of students worldwide who aspire to gain admission into over 700 esteemed universities across 29 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Undertaking this endeavor posed a considerable risk, especially considering its detachment from my existing professional sphere. Nonetheless, I persevered with the idea, and now I am reaping the rewards of the seeds I sowed.

Collaboration and teamwork are crucial in corporate settings. How do you effectively collaborate with colleagues and teams to drive successful outcomes?

While it holds true that collaboration and teamwork bear immense significance within a corporate environment, I hold a personal conviction that exhibiting respect and benevolence towards colleagues is imperative, regardless of their positions. Each member of my staff is akin to a cherished family member, deserving of fair treatment not only from me but from all other colleagues. Furthermore, I consistently inspire and encourage my team to fulfill their responsibilities, harboring unwavering faith in their capabilities. I firmly embrace the concept of innovative thinking, and I consistently advocate for maintaining composure in any situation, urging my team to strive for alternative perspectives.

Corporate geniuses often face high-pressure situations. How do you manage stress and maintain your composure in challenging environments?

Mastering the art of composure is an essential aptitude to acquire, as it not only entails amassing experience but also encompasses the ability to remain unruffled in challenging circumstances. Take, for instance, the game of poker, where despite being dealt an unfavorable hand, one may still aspire to seize the entire pot by employing various tactics such as bluffing, placing substantial bets, or going all-in. However, achieving this objective necessitates the cultivation of a stoic demeanor, alongside conducting meticulous calculations, considering numerous potential outcomes, evaluating potential drawbacks, and maintaining unwavering confidence in oneself while placing the bet. Furthermore, these actions must be executed seamlessly, devoid of any discernible reaction. In this analogy, wherein poker serves as a metaphor, the majority of high-pressure situations can be effectively managed by applying astute decision-making skills and preserving one’s composure.

How do you balance the need for innovation and risk-taking with the importance of maintaining stability and consistency within an organization?

As the Director of Operations, I am constrained from indulging in the luxury of imbalance. I diligently cultivate a Zen-like state of mind, enabling me to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of my life. Given my pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of a company’s operations, I cannot afford to adopt a casual approach. The art of coexistence becomes imperative, and thus, I consistently strive to position myself at the forefront of any given situation, whether it involves clients, competitors, prospective customers, or other entities. My unwavering confidence in my abilities, networking prowess, and self-assurance serves as the bedrock for my company’s ability to sustain stability and consistency, all while embracing the imperatives of innovation and calculated risk-taking.

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals who aspire to become corporate geniuses in their respective fields?

I extend my sincerest wishes of fortune to them and ardently pursue their aspirations with fervor and unwavering commitment. It is imperative to consistently enhance one’s skills and remain adaptable, for change remains an unyielding constant. One must be prepared to assume responsibility and guide others, devoid of trepidation in seeking enlightenment through questioning, while diligently striving to discover suitable resolutions. Furthermore, as personal development unfolds, one must maintain humility and persist in inspiring others, extending aid to those in distress, and continuously expanding both personal and professional connections.

Highlights of Achievements, Merits and Honor:

• IRPRA Award for the Best CSR Campaign
• IRPRA Award for the Best Creative Entertainment Campaign 2022
• Acknowledged by GLANTOR X 100 Women Leaders 2022
• FemIndia Best Educational Entrepreneur and Marketing & PR Professional 2022
• Featured in INSIGHT SUCCESS MAGAZINE India’s 40 Under 40 Brightest Business Leaders

Skill Set:

Hard Skills:
• Media Relations
• Research and Analysis
• Relationship Building
• Strategic Thinking
• Event Management
• Branding
• Networking
• Public Relation

Soft Skills:
• Communication
• Emotional Intelligence
• Creativity
• Time Management
• Collaboration and Teamwork.
• Crisis management

Prayer For The Human Civilization: I extend my sincere wishes to all the ambitious entrepreneurs in India. In my belief, one’s origins and background hold no significance when it comes to accomplishing goals. Aspire for greatness, yet endeavor to translate those aspirations into tangible reality. Formulate a well-crafted plan, seize the opportunity, and embrace a multitude of perspectives, for our perception is limited to our own desires and intentions.

The InCAP: Thank you, Swati Chakrabarty! It’s a glittering conversation with you!

Swati Chakrabarty: My pleasure! Wish you all the best! Thank you.

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