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Daniel Stewart Butterfield: His Advice & Our Analysis

Daniel Stewart Butterfield: His Advice & Our Analysis
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Daniel Stewart Butterfield
Chief Executive Officer
Slack Technologies

Daniel Stewart Butterfield is a Canadian billionaire businessman, best known for building the photo-sharing website Flickr and the team messaging application Slack in 2013. He is an entrepreneur, designer & technologist. Mr. Butterfield continues to promote equity, and diversity in business leadership. Here are five quotes from Mr. Butterfield that can inspire you. 

“If you create an atmosphere that is filled with fear, then people are not going to make the right decisions most of the time.”

As a company CEO, Mr. Butterfield expresses how the working environment should be. If the working environment is filled with fear, employees cannot enjoy the workplace and their work. Most importantly, they might get confused about making the right decisions. Therefore, a healthy workplace is vital for any. 

“It’s very difficult to design something for someone if you have no empathy.”

It is natural that if you don’t love your work, you cannot fulfill it properly; whether you’re running a business or working within one, enjoying your work-life plays a big part in greater happiness. After all, people spend most of their week working! It is effective for a better quality of work that increases productivity, better mental health, and many more positive aspects. If you love your work, empathy will automatically be input into your heart.

“The idea of limitless infinite possibilities makes creative thinking even harder.”

People have to be critical thinkers. So even if the worst idea pops into your mind that could turn out to be a good idea. Hence, it is essential to think limitlessly where infinite possibilities can be discovered. It helps to boost productivity and gain more growth opportunities. 

“Failures in the context of work really sting, and you want to come up with some narrative around them about why they’re not failures. But if you try to learn from them, you can turn losses into successes.”

You can’t get better at anything unless you are challenged; sometimes, the challenge is too much, and you fail. But, some special people can use failure to their advantage and improve. For example, when wise people face many times where they have failed and use that to their advantage to get better. Thus, Mr. Butterfield believes that failure is the context to work better. 

The element of teamwork is perhaps underappreciated.

Teamwork is essential to a company’s success. It increased the potential for innovation and enhanced personal growth. But, Mr. Butterfield thinks that the importance of teamwork is still unaware to the people. Lack of appreciation is a primary reason why teams might underperform. 

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