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Donald Trump Filed $475mn Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN

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Photo Courtesy: CNN

Ex-US President Donald Trump has filed a defamation suit against CNN seeking $475 million in damages. He alleged that the phrase used in his context in the media is damaging future politics. The case was filed in the District Court of Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 3, 2022. So, Donald Trump Filed $475mn Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN.

Mr. Trump was accused of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The main objection is to CNN’s use of the phrase ‘The Big Lie’ about his allegations. Using such words, the news network is creating hurdles in his political career. In this case, Mr. Trump said that the phrase “The Big Lie” related to the Nazis had been used by CNN 7,700 times since January 2021.

In a statement, Mr. Trump also said he will take the same action against other news organizations. He also said that the Capitol might take appropriate action against the riot investigators. However, CNN did not comment on this. The new CNN Chief Chris Leach asked journalists to refrain from using the phrase in a meeting a few months ago.

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