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Great Depression On The Fourth Industrial Revolution


The fourth and final industrial revolution along with the biggest advent after COVID-19 is completely diminished. The fourth industrial revolution is all about DATA and how we use it. DATA is everywhere and in every system, arranged in biological systems in such a way to give functionalities in proper order and of a good consequence.

If a set or collection of data can describe biology, then it can be anything else. From oil refining to genetic engineering to the advent of gene therapy to cure diseases, DATA and its collection play a major part in providing us with the information required for sustained living and productive growth. The amount of digital data in circulation worldwide was 4.4 zettabytes, and this figure has now loomed to close to 44 zettabytes in 2020.

Our lives are DATA driven to almost a degree of our consciousness, acknowledging it. We are now connected, as far as I can tell, being involved with technology gives rise to minuscule of DATA, but from the mass point of view, the DATA gathered through indexes, patterns in pandemics, patterns in recessions, patterns in traffic jams in over large areas, DATA Science and Analysis is the way to move forward. Also, purpose-built storage centers may struggle to keep up with the change, and digital advancements invariably increase in trends of production increments, and this has become the flag bearer of the fourth industrial revolution. So the biggest thing to come up with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution is the DATA science and the counterparts of deep or machine learning paving the way for the creation of artificial intelligence which will aide us in combatting various scenarios of debacles founded based on causing harm to the human civilization and its utmost need to find the solution to the problems. The fourth industrial revolution has not ended; it is going on every hour, every minute, and every second and all the other events occurring in the world are tangled with the cumulative effects of the fourth industrial revolution.

In this time of the technological revolution, the existing technology is replaced by better and more adjustable technology in a short amount of time. The technological progress is characterized in such a manner that new innovations have a ripple effect in society at large. The conceptualization of distinguishing between a technological revolution and a normal mass production is mainly dependent on the interconnectedness and interdependency of the various scientific field in relation to each other and the evolution of the capacity to such a system to uplift the world economy.

The way to the future:

The things that came up after several pandemics and recession are the Development of new technology, and similarly, the same can be said about the Coronavirus. Before going back to The case of COVID-19, let’s put the analysis to the test. Before the great depression of the 1930s, there weren’t innovations in the market economy or in the stock market, and required financial mathematics wasn’t there to predict accurate depictions of what could happen. Similarly, with each pandemic or plague, new medicine basing on the tools of biology were put to use to curd the ever-increasing attack of virology to the human race. So these two things dominate the world forum till date: The invention or discovery of materialistic science to profoundly figure out the root causes of problems, where the problems can be health-related such as plagues and pandemics and the order of stability in the financial world.

The biggest thing to come up after the COVID-19 is done and dusted will be the cohesion that will form between the theories of deep learning and biological science. As now it’s the era of COVID-19, scientists across the world are putting their bets on AI to come up with the vaccine or cure, and even if it fails, a better understanding of the structure of Coronavirus will help us gain precedence against it. The AI company Black Swan Data is rigorously working to find the protein structure, namely the DNA or RNA structures, to have a better insight into the way a coronavirus functions. Another artificial intelligence, named, ironically, the white swan, is using AI to analyze public social data to gain insight into the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and effectiveness of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This is also done by using AI to generate methods of searching for papers on COVID19 and provide instant answers to various biological questions regarding the virus as a whole.

For the sake of statistics, the White Swan is developing an NLP (Natural Language Processing) to extract 44000 papers on this subject to gain inclusive insight into the possibilities of solving and curing this problem. There is a long-term trend here, and AI can’t do everything 100 percent by itself. The infusion of the field of genetic engineering, biology, biochemistry, virology, and medicine, the way to tackle Coronavirus, still remains one of the most debated topics in recent history. Lockdowns, curfews will stop the human race from doing a lot of things, but it will never elevate the psychological and philosophical norms which guided our past and which will guide us towards a future where through the endeavor of technology and science, as was with the past, be a meaningful answer that human beings have come up and gave it.

However, the main reason remains in our own blemishes, our own faults, and lack of foresighted vision into the future, which has caused this pandemic of COVID-19 to be considered a dire situation. Currently, millions of people in the world are affected, hundreds of thousands are dead, and many more are receptive to this deadly disease, but as far as human caliber goes, it is left up to the AI and Medicare industry to find out the cure and causes and develop the institutions of science which will be able to detect the next plague, the next Coronavirus and eliminate before it takes any effect.


Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir

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