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Hello 23: Mirza Rakib Hasan Shovon

Mirza Rakib Hasan Shovon - Wayfarer, Descend On The Way

Hello 23!

Happy New Year to all!

We gather to usher in a new beginning, a time to start with new hopes, desires, expectations and New Year resolutions. These also give us an edge and excitement going into the New Year, a fresh start.

Bangladesh suffers from a negative image: the country is seen as extremely poor, but the scenario has changed in a remarkable way. Bangladesh is underdeveloped, subject to devastating natural disasters and sociopolitical instability – no debate on these issues. However, the country has the advantage of being in a strategic geographical position between South and Southeast Asia. In addition, its domestic consumption potential and the wealth of its natural resources make the country a good candidate for investment.  The government promotes private sector-led growth; foreign currency is abundant due to remittances, and the central bank respects the transferability of foreign currency. A number of more developed countries have outsourced their factory and production house to Bangladesh.

The confidence of foreign investors in Bangladesh has increased, as the country has taken a series of measures to build up investment-friendly infrastructure, develop the energy sector, provide necessary facilities, and support to set up industries; and simplify rules and regulations.

The New Year is a time for people to put all of their bad experiences behind them and take a positive step into the future. Everyone wishes for their own and their loved one’s happiness, health, and prosperity in the coming New Year.

I wish InCAP and its team great success. I love their efforts. For the readers, let’s start with a new hope. Find opportunities to work with people, work hard, and smartly. Get connected with technology. Success will catch you one day!

Happy New Year, 2023!

We are happy to see you happy. Stay safe and stay blessed!

Mirza Rakib Hasan Shovon
Managing Director & CEO
AristoTex International
Technet Corporation
Anyvas Marketplace


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