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How Has The World Learned To Shy Away?

How Has The World Learned To Shy Away?

The turmoil that the world and the human race have gone through since the beginning of today’s modern “human civilization” has never indicated how and why both mental and physical vicinity should be confined to feats of ordinary life. What is familiar about human life is the extraordinary value it carries along with it. Reasons can be many arising, including the facts and reasoning of the human mind. There is always a nudge towards making the right decisions at the verified pinpoint time, which doesn’t have to be exact but exceptional in its range. 

Throughout history, actions were stuck upside down into the bootlegs of people such that the social ladder that was never there got to a position of complete and unquestionable challenge. The forceful imperatives now are that the past has some bearing on how people reorganize what they understand. Just with the understanding of the interpretations of the image of the human mind is yet another clever way of solving the challenges and meeting the problems face to face to unmask what we always insinuate: The vile corruption of the mind, body, and soul, without which the very likelihood of life becomes a baseless norm indicated by unfounded facts. 

The first point of discussion should not deviate us from the philosophy of the mind. But instead with the recurrence of situations on a mass level and more so in our personal lives. A theme that involves genocide, famine, Mass-Murders, suicide, and all the other disgusting elements of society has put the race in a very uncomfortable situation. Escaping from this is not a matter of pure luck but work in an art form of the mind. But unfortunately, most of us rely on the opposite; what prevails are the discrepancies in the intent and the way we collect the predefined dialect of the modern world. 

In an ever-changing scenario, today, we have begun to acknowledge the truths that dominate the facts, and the question arises why? Facts for everyone’s information result from how truth embeds into the root of human existence. From each of our actions, we derive the conditions to conduct life and, at large, society. Unfortunately, too much of it seems lifelessly repugnant, and lessons have been seriously learned. 

The opportunistic disgust veiled as an excellent metaphor should be the ultimate end to the sticky situation. No matter how much is done to get away, the same sticky situation sticks like a cactus prick and sometimes becomes almost irremovable. The meaning of life and its bindings profusely render some of the most complex problems we face in a general category. The category is not defined broadly but made to look like it, in reality, and in itself, it is a growing organism, not something with a cell, but the flow of information and events makes it the world’s unstoppable self-growth organ amongst many of the construction of modern human civilization as a whole.

The world has learned to shy away from a lot of unnecessary obstacles. Not only does the world as a combined community come into terms of a standard agreement to deviate from foul insensitivity today, but we also stand tall and proud so that the world can see that human value eclipses materialism. The root of every problem in the modern world will date back to the past. There are sections of people debating whether collective community action is better than self-interest-generated materialism. The preface of this discussion should guide us directly to the place the world is in today and how it’s going to be in the future. 

Luckily, we live in a world where there is space for billions of more people to live and hundreds and thousands of opportunistic events for both good and bad that generate mannerisms that undermine the derogation faced by many. So when do we shy away? Do we do it when we are alone and reclusive, or do we shy away with the utmost confidence in our ability to understand nature and society? The world is in a dire place, a place from which the escape seems evident, but its after-effect will be felt in generations to come. 

Again, the world cannot escape the realism and the truth regarding three things: Politics, science, and religion. These very things form the statutory base of the entire human race and take us to directions inevitable. The unexplainable perpetuations that are most evident are connected actually with the things very materialistic: The economy, Education, Jobs, Construction, health care system to a certain extent, and whatnot. Perpetuations have a domino if not a ripple effect on everything. 

As malpractices have their take to justify themselves, today, malpractice has reached such a level that distinguishing it from the norm becomes an enormously complex thing to do. The most prominent advent out of all this is how we have finally observed the past’s misgivings, mistakes, and faults to build a better future. The most efficient way to debunk the way people handle stressful situations and are put under the hot seat is to enrich us with a practice of culturally-induced calmness, and there can be no escape from the peace to the rigidity we face in every life.

As a populace and race, our identity is deeply rooted in the practices indebted to us by the people of the past. Of course, this affects the future, but the degree to which this effect builds up to heights we are unprepared for becomes the impossible notions we attach labels to, and as far as brands go, shying away does help us get out of unexplainable perpetuations.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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