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India Canceled Johnson’s Baby Powder License

J&J Baby Powder To Quit Selling Globally in 2023
Photo Courtesy: Hindusthan Times

Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) baby powder manufacturing license has been revoked by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in Maharashtra, India. A notification informed that this decision was taken in the interest of public health on September 16, 2022. The state agency says J&Z’s baby powder may have adverse effects on the skin of newborns. In addition, earlier laboratory testing of the powder sample showed that its pH did not conform to the ideal value. So, the article contains India Canceled Johnson’s Baby Powder License.

The statement said, after receiving the final report of the Kolkata-based Central Drugs Laboratory, the steps to cancel the licenses were taken. In addition, the FDA collected samples of Johnson’s Baby Powder from Pune and Nashik for quality testing purposes. As a result, a show cause notice was issued to Johnson under the Drugs Cosmetics Act 1940. Besides, instructions have been given to withdraw the said product from the market. However, the company said it will challenge this order and go to court.

Controversies and lawsuits over Johnson’s baby products are not uncommon. Because of this, in August 2022, they announced a global ban on talc-based baby powder by 2023. Instead, the company said it will make cornstarch-based baby powder in the coming days.

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