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Joe Biden Preparing For The Next Election

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US President Joe Biden wants to stand for re-election. He said that he will make a final decision in this regard at the beginning of next year. Regarding the midterm elections, Joe Biden said that these elections are good for democracy. Meanwhile, White House officials believe Biden’s team has done better than Democrats expected in the midterm elections. So, the article is about Joe Biden Preparing For The Next Election.

Biden will turn 80 this month. Regarding whether he will participate in the next presidential election, one of his advisers said that preparatory discussions are underway for the 2024 election. However, it is assumed that former President Donald Trump will compete in the next election. After defeating Biden in 2020, Trump has been saying that Biden threatens democracy. Trump has also been heard saying this during the midterm election campaign.

Republicans did slightly better than Democrats in polls. As of the latest news, the results of 402 of the 435-seat House of Representatives have been announced. Among them, Republicans got 210 and Democrats 192 seats. And in the Senate so far, 49 of the 100 seats have been occupied by the Republicans and 48 by the Democrats.

In the three seats that will decide the fate of the upper house, the Democrat candidate in Arizona is leading by a good margin. Even though the Republican candidate is leading in Nevada, the difference between him and his rival is only 15,000 votes. About 16 percent of the votes are still to be counted.

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