Most Effective Way of Article Writing: The Fish Market System (Part – 02)

Most Effective Way of Article Writing. Part 02
Part – 02
If you have not read Part – 01 yet, please click the link to get it now: Part – 01
In the continuation of Part – 01…
… “Yes, Mama!” I say, half standing and half sitting excitedly as I note all around the paper. “Papa brought fish home the other day, which Ma refused to cook because it was so smelly! Ha-ha”. “Yes, my son! Well done, write those down too”. With that approval from my Mama, my thoughts started rolling, and I began to write more ideas around the title. I found myself excavating into my imagination and all my senses heightened.
I felt like I could see the fish market with my eyes closed, hear the quarrels of the fishermen sellers and customers and even smell the stinking whiff of the market. I noted words like ‘market location: in a yard, stalls, fishermen, dirty, bloody knives and fish scales, and big fat flies everywhere’ and so on, linking them all back to the center title, ‘The Fish Market’. And before I knew it, Mama filled the paper with information and boxes. Thanks to my Mama, I was able to produce an entire paper with just thoughts of ‘The Fish Market’ within half an hour.
Mind Map – The InCAP
“Now what Mama?” I asked. “Now my son, we are going to make these notes into sections”. So, we sat there, re-reading our notes, and circled them off into sections. “And then” he suggested, “mark them in the order the event should take place, which should be followed like train compartments, one after the other”. So, I marked my way, starting from where the fish comes from as ‘one’, till the end where Ma serves the fish on the table with the beautiful aroma of fish and masala combined. “When you write in sequence, people will read and go wherever and however you guide them because you’re the driver of this essay”.
He told me not to use big complicated words to make it sound fancy, but short and simple words to just convey my train of thoughts clearly, which let’s be honest sounded much easier to me as an eighth-grade kid.
While I drafted my essay, Mama sat beside me, taking out repeated words and unnecessary sentences. He pointed out that my paper should not portray and negativity but show a clear consciousness for the reader to follow easily. Before I knew it, five pages were written out, and I was done with the essay. Two hours had gone by so fast. I had creative ideas with detailed thoughts and I was very happy with what I had written. I felt like I was not only bringing out my thoughts but making the reader feel as though he was in the fish market with me too. And by the looks of it, Mama was happy with my paper too. Both Mama and I enjoyed our time re-reading and editing the paper. I thanked him with a hug and he gave me a pat on the back as he got up.
To Be Continued…
Part 03 (Last Part) will be published very soon. Stay Tuned.

If you have not read Part – 01 yet, please click the link to get it now: Part – 01


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