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Most Effective Way of Article Writing: The Fish Market System (Last Part)

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In the continuation of Part – 02…


… What he did next left me in awe. He graved all the papers we wrote and put it in his pocket. He looked at me and said, “enough spoon-feeding young man, now begin writing the essay, except this time, it will be entirely done by YOU” and gave me a wink and walked away. I felt like someone has reached down my throat, grabbed my heart and pulled it out! And get this, before leaving the house, Mama made a promise to return in the evening to check my essay for me once again.

I sat there, thinking “but that was done by me. How am I to think all this again? The stress again?”, very disappointed at him. But then it hit me; if I can produce a mind-map, which generates all my ideas, then I won’t need to think, and I can just write and it will be done before I know it. Besides, I can recall everything we just did, and most of it was my ideas so it will be easy to reproduce the essay. So, I went to Ma to cook up something for me to regain my energy. I ate and sat down to write my essay on the “The Fish Market”. I swear at that moment, I felt like I had so much power, I was undefeatable!

As I noted the ideas again, I couldn’t believe how easy it was all coming to me. It really is amazing how the brain is able to recollect all of it. I remembered the points, it was all so logical! I marked my mind-map like a train, brought out some fresh papers and started writing the essay. Believe it or not, I was done with the paper within half an hour, and it seemed even better than what I had written earlier with Mama.

Imaginary ‘Fish Market’ picture of a childhood mind

The journey of writing ‘The Fish Market’ has brought a change in me. It got rid of my challenge for writing practically anything. I feel much more relaxed when I am assigned to a written task. I focus to write out my thoughts in simple sentences to convey ideas. Now even after decades when I am to produce a paper, I begin by writing the title in the middle with a box around it and ideas surrounding it.  I try to maintain a sequence like a train with compartments as my Mama taught me, which by the way is a great tool to use when writing. In fact, the entire way I wrote ‘The Fish Market’ essay was a system which I used for the rest of my life. It is a tool which I sharpened as I grew up. I am able to use this tool to write anything that I want to convince readers, follow my thoughts, and make them feel my presence in what I am writing.  Of course, my writing patterns have changed around here and there but the principle of that writing system which mama has ingrained in me with one sitting in eighth grade has remained the same.

You may have all guessed it by now, and yes, I did use Mama’s system to write this article as well. Come to think of it, I will name this system ‘The Fish Market System’. Mama didn’t return later that evening to check my essay, as he knew very well that I will not have written anything but what he had taught me. I did end up impressing my teacher and resulted in an A.

If you have not read Part – 01 yet, please click the link to get it now: Part – 02


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