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New PM Elected in the Philippines

New PM Elected in the Philippines
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Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., 74, the son of Former Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos, has won the presidency. He won with 80 percent of the vote on May 9, 2022. As a result, after 36 years, power fell into the hands of the same family again. The article is about New PM Elected in the Philippines.

This information has been reported in several international media, including France 24, Nikkei Asia, and Deutsche Welle. According to the report, voting for the new presidential election in the Philippines started at 8 am local time on the day and lasted till 6 pm. Marcos’ closest rival, Vice president Leni Robredo, received 28 percent of the vote. She lost to Marcos Jr. in the 2016 vice-presidential election.

After receiving the results, Marcos thanked supporters and the media without announcing victory in a video message from his headquarters. He said, “Thanks to everyone who took part in our fight. No matter how considerable an effort is, it doesn’t just win one person. Many, many people work in different ways. ‘

Earlier, in the Philippine election, millions of people turned up at the center to choose the leader of their choice. A record 86 a million voters cast their ballots on this day to elect the President of their choice.

In the election, the country’s President, Vice President, 12 Senators, 300 Lower House Members, and 18,000 officials, including mayors and governors, are being elected. All but the President, Vice President, and Senator will be elected for three years.

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