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New Year Greetings 2022 | Hossain Khaled | Hello 22

Hossain Khaled, Managing Director of Anwar Group of Industries Ltd.-theincap
Hossain Khaled, Managing Director of Anwar Group of Industries Ltd.

We are beginning a new year after nearly two years of frantic hustling and busting to stay alive in this global pandemic. The past two years have taught us a slew of personal and professional lessons, as lives and businesses have been put in jeopardy as a result of this entirely unpredictable global pandemic. In this year 2021, we all have learned to deal with this pandemic, we all have learned to survive and restart our lives and businesses with safety measures and utterly intelligent tactics. And now we are waiting with our wide-open hands to welcome an all-new year and say HELLO 2022.

If we talk about how our lives or business was in 2020-2021, we would say as a renowned group of companies we strictly kept our commitments with our customers and stood rock strong with our beloved employees as like every other year. Like every other organization we also got shaken by this never seen before pandemic, we have also faced many challenges but we picked up our pace quickly to overcome every obstacle. For us Anwar Group- is not just a name, it’s a dream of Late Alhaj Anwar Hossain, who built this giant empire with his envision, passion, innovation, and hard work. By following his footsteps Anwar Group has marked its pioneering position in many industries including textile, real estate, cement, ispat, banking sector, and many more prominent industries of Bangladesh. Our ultimate expedition is to serve our valued clients with utter honesty, integrity, and reliability.

After the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, where businesses met drastic loss and never seen before challenges, the year 2021 brought even more challenges on a plate with the second wave of Covid-19. This year was an ultimate recuperation and enlightening year for all of us. In this year we not only learned to overcome our obstacles but also learned to live these new normal challenges. Now, we not only think about the pros of any business but also, we are more concerned about the back calculations and struggles it may face due to this uncertain time.

Anwar Group works for its customers, its people, and the country. We believe in contributing to this country’s economy. We believe Bangladesh can be anything and everything that it desires to be in the coming years. And thus, we are revamping our ideology, strategy for the betterment of Bangladesh, the progress of Bangladesh and its people.

I, myself would like to thank our valued clients and respected partners for believing in us, and staying by our sides in every situation. We are nothing with their immense support. It is their trust and motivation which has led us to this position where we can proudly call ourselves, we are Anwar Group. Our well-experienced and dedicated team has always stood as a robust pillar in this journey. This journey would have never come to this point without their immense hard work and immeasurable dedication. Our team is our strength, they keep us going and result in winning in every difficult situation. And on this note, I can proudly state, no pandemic or any other challenge can weaken my team’s confidence or ambition to rule this industry. 

Lastly, I would like to thank The InCAP magazine, for this respectful platform, where we get to share our thoughts on our businesses and upcoming ventures and also get to hear from so many power-packed businesses worldwide. I hereby, express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of InCAP for this venture and wish all the best for the upcoming prosperous year.

I wish all your reader and well-wishers a happy and healthy New Year. 

Hello 2022, we are ready for you…

Hossain Khaled
Managing Director
Anwar Group of Industries Ltd.

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